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ASHA Releases Important Notice on Checks


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Contact, Reeves Kirtner, Communications Manager

ASHA internal reorganization set to take effect April 1; important notice on checks

Lexington, Kentucky -­ The internal reorganization of the American Saddlebred Horse Association, Inc. and the American Saddlebred Horse Association Foundation, Inc. will officially take place Friday, April 1.

As of the April 1 effective date, the American Saddlebred Horse Association, Inc. becomes a public charity organized under Section 501 c 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States and contributions to it are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.  Checks for membership or advertising in the Association's magazine will continue to be made to ASHA.

The American Saddlebred Registry, organized under Section 501 c 5 of the Code, houses the breed's prize programs, and conducts all registration matters, including transfers.  Checks for registrations, transfers or prize programs should be made to the American Saddlebred Registry. 


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