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ASHA Receives First Affiliate Grant from USEF

The American Saddlebred Horse Association, Inc. (ASHA) has received their first Membership Incentive Grant from the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) in the amount of $6,772.  This new annual grant program is aimed at supporting recognized national breed affiliates with competitive programs, outreach programs, educational initiatives, Youth/Amateur programs, and IT initiatives related to USEF competition member services. 

ASHA will dedicate the 2013 funds received from this grant to their Technology Upgrade Project, which will result in new software to administer the American Saddlebred Registry (ASR) horse pedigree database for both registering American Saddlebred horses and tracking their complete show records, and an integrated membership records tracking system. 

In addition, the resulting platform will support a new interactive website, which will allow members online capability for horse registration, pedigree and show record research, and membership renewals, as well as providing general information to the public on the American Saddlebred horse.  Target date for launch of the new website is late 2014. 

This new grant program, available only to Affiliates of the USEF, is based in part on the number of USEF members who indicate “American Saddlebred” as their primary affiliation when joining USEF.  ASHA reminds its members to help guarantee ASHA the USEF maximum grant funding by checking “Saddlebred” and not “Saddle Seat Equitation” or other designations when they complete their annual USEF membership application or renewal.  ASHA receives $1 per USEF member who designate “American Saddlebred” as their primary affiliation.

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