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ASHA Paul and Dorothy Gillenwater Family Award: Bandy/Wilson/Mattson Family

The recipients of the Paul and Dorothy Gillenwater Family Award shall be recognized for their sportsmanship and dedication as an entire family to the advancement of the American Saddlebred, as amateurs, purely for the love of the sport. 

When you hear “Family Tradition” this term truly exemplifies our recipient today as she is part of four generations of American Saddlebred lovers that spans over 100 years; with three of those generations still actively involved in the Saddlebred business today.

This year’s recipient asked that this award should also be dedicated to her parent and aunt, as they were the ones who supported her, her daughter and niece’s love of the American Saddlebred breed. This year’s deserving recipient is the Bandy/Wilson/Scarlett Mattson Family.


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