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ASHA Board Elects Mount and Schaffel for New Roles

The American Saddlebred Horse Association Board of Directors voted Monday night to appoint board President David Mount as interim executive director for ASHA, effective Sept. 1. Mount, whose term as ASHA board president would have ended at the end of 2019, will step into the role for six months to provide continuity when ASHA Executive Director Terri Dolan moves into her new position at the United States Equestrian Federation. 

Also Monday, the board selected longtime board member Marty Schaffel as its new president, effective Sept.1, when Mount takes the reins at ASHA. Dolan will stay on for an additional two weeks, until mid-September, to ensure a smooth transition. 

“David is the perfect fit for this interim role at ASHA, due to his ongoing work with the association,” Schafffel said. “On behalf of the entire board, we thank David for stepping up to take this role and continue his excellent leadership on behalf of our membership, and the breed we love. 

“We also thank Terri for her hard work during her time at ASHA,” he said. “We are confident that the staff can implement the initiatives we have developed under Terri’s leadership, and look forward to future collaboration with her at USEF.”

Dolan announced her resignation from ASHA in July, allowing two month’s notice to maintain momentum through the World’s Championship Horse Show in August, and to map out a succession plan. Dolan plans to be a strong advocate for ASHA in her new position at USEF.  

“David will be a great executive director,” Dolan said. “For the entire year we have collaborated  and strategized on our steps to make ASHA a better organization for our members.  We have a full agenda of initiatives in place that will continue to elevate the mission of the American Saddlebred  Horse Association. I look forward to continuing to work with David, the board and ASHA members to build a better tomorrow.” 

Mount, a Kentucky resident, has been a regular presence at ASHA’s offices in the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, and has worked extensively on behalf of our breed association for many years.  

“I am dedicated to serving the American Saddlebred, and responsibly serving the members of the association that protects and promotes the interests of the breed we love,” Mount said. “I thank the board for its confidence in me to fill this interim role, which allows me to carry on my work in a new way.”

Dolan's resignation announcement from July 16 available here

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