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ASHA Breed Ambassador Program To Recognize Members

The American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) Breed Ambassador Program recognizes and celebrates those who help to promote the American Saddlebred.

Any ASHA member who takes the time to promote the breed outside the American Saddlebred community can earn points to become a Regional Breed Ambassador and possibly a World’s Champion Breed Ambassador! This year, point sheets are available in three categories: IndividualBarn Group, and Charter Club, tailoring the activities to the ways ambassadors are promoting the breed.  To keep track of ASHA Breed Ambassador points, print the applicable point sheet to keep track of the American Saddlebred breed promotion accumulated throughout the year. Activities from January 1 of the calendar year can be tallied at any time. Advanced registration is not required.

Numerous opportunities for individuals, barn groups, and Charter Clubs to promote the breed are available. There are many opportunities for individuals to promote their American Saddlebreds, including competing at Open-Breed Horse Shows, allowing American Saddlebreds to shine in front of followers of all breeds. This is a terrific opportunity in areas where there are very few American Saddlebred breed events, and just as important where the American Saddlebred population is high.  Of course, points can also be earned for riding in parades, being featured on television or in magazines, going to exhibitions, and a myriad of other activities.  Every promotional endeavor is valued!

Professionals and Charter Clubs have an opportunity to be recognized as well.  Many, if not most of the people active in the breed today were introduced through lesson programs and riding camps, so the ASHA Breed Ambassador program recognizes this.

While Charter Clubs are designed to promote the breed, organizing events is time-consuming volunteer work, and these efforts should be recognized as well.  The ASHA believes that helping to administer this Breed Ambassador Program and reaching out to American Saddlebred owners who might not be active in their Charter Club or the ASHA is an easy way to create a sense of community among American Saddlebred enthusiasts.

Please review the Charter Club Regional Map to find your nearest club.  Each Charter Club will collect points at the end of the year, comparing notes with the other Charter Clubs in the region, and identifying a Regional Champion and Reserve Champion. Regional Champions will be compared to name a World’s Champion and Reserve World’s Champion in each of the categories, and those winners will receive accolades at the Annual UPHA/ASHA Convention.

The ASHA and Charter Clubs are seeking donations of items of value to help reward the new Breed Ambassadors. ASHA is a 501(c)3, and the donors will be named in press releases, social media, and on the ASHA website.

Download Forms:
Individual Points Sheet
Barn Group Points Sheet
Charter Club Points Sheet
Map and List of Charter Clubs by Region
Program Specifications
2015 ASHA Breed Ambassador Winners:
ASHA Breed Ambassador Barn Award
ASHA Breed Ambassador Charter Club Award
ASHA Breed Ambassador Individual Award

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