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ASHA Board Approves Proposal for High Point Awards

Lexington, Kentucky - As part of the American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) Board of Directors meeting this Tuesday, July 5, in Lexington, Kentucky, the Board approved the ASHA Charter Club Council's ASHA High Point Awards Program proposal for 2011.

In an effort to recognize the achievements of all horses registered with the American Saddlebred Registry (ASR) competing in all disciplines, the ASHA Charter Club Council proposed a High Point Awards Program. Some of the program's objectives are to improve competition opportunities for every Saddlebred owner, provide incentives for additional registrations and transfers, and identify and attract new Saddlebred members.

The Council's proposal details such aspects of the ASHA High Point Awards Program as horse and rider/driver/handler eligibility, competition eligibility, general rules, the point system, and awards. Also included is a list of show classes, including categories for Performance, Equitation, Open Competition, and other options, with verbiage encouraging shows to "add or delete classes according to local preference."

The Charter Club Council also submitted a similar proposal for a Half Saddlebred High Point Awards Program, which the board also approved.

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