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ASHA/ASR Virtual Town Hall Recap and FAQ

ASHA and ASR hosted a Virtual Town Hall via Zoom on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 to present information and address questions about the proposed merger between ASHA and ASR and the upcoming membership vote. The resulting organization of the merger, the American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association, Inc., will streamline the resources of the finances, operations, staff, and volunteers in the advancement of what always has been a single mission – the promotion and protection of our beloved breed. We are grateful to all the members that were able to attend and engage our panelists to address their concerns.

The Town Hall panel included Sandy Currier, ASR President, Marty Schaffel, ASHA President, Anna Marie Knipp, Co-Chair Joint Merger Task Force, Chris Schubert, Co-Chair Joint Merger Task Force, Allen Bosworth, Joint Merger Task Force Member, Missy Hughes, Joint Merger Task Force Member, Rachel Seifert, Attorney, and Joint Task Force Member, Katriona Adams, Interim ASR Registrar, Ed Glasscock, ASR Attorney, Rachel Chamberlin, ASR Attorney, and Stephen Sherman, ASHA Attorney. The Town Hall was moderated by David Mount, ASHA Executive Director.

The panel addressed the history behind the merger, the focus areas of the Joint Merger Task Force: vision and mission, policy and procedure, financials, and bylaws, and the legal perspective and ramifications.

 Follow the links below to view the full video of the Town Hall, panelists' presentation slides, and a FAQ on the merger.  We hope these materials along with the event have addressed the questions and concerns of our members around this proposed merger.

Links to ASHA/ASR Town Hall Recap Resources: 
Town Hall Video
ASHA/ASR Virtual Town Hall Presentation

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