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ASHA Announces Participation in Kentucky Horse Park Kids Barn

The American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) is pleased to announce its participation in the brand new Kids Barn at the Kentucky Horse Park.

The Kids Barn, located in the Park's former Draft Horse Barn in the heart of the Kentucky Horse Park, has been transformed into a fun and educational stop, designed to engage school-age children in discovering the wonder of horses. Each stall in the Kids Barn features different interactive exhibits, ranging from veterinarian and general equine information and nutrition to different competitive disciplines. The Kids Barn also features live horse demonstrations, giving children a chance to touch and even help groom horses, and incorporates a variety of activities such as a scavenger hunt throughout the Park which starts at the Kids Barn.

The Kids Barn is a public-private partnership in the Park, funded largely by donations and contributions of numerous national and regional equine organizations, universities and businesses. ASHA is proud to be a partner in this venture, and to have the opportunity to introduce the thousands of Horse Park visitors to the horse America made!

ASHA Marketing Committee chair, Jeff Hagerman said, "We are excited to add the Saddlebred stall in the Kids Barn to our ever-growing list of initiatives the marketing committee has created. We are pleased to have yet another venue to proudly display the new materials that are being developed to promote our breed. In addition to the Kids Barn, we look forward to presenting our new promotional materials in the American Saddlebred Museum, BreyerFest, the National Horse Show, and other venues nationally to promote our tremendously diverse breed. In addition to new brochures, exhibit booths, and other materials, ASHA will be spotlighted on the 'scavenger hunt list sheet' in the Kids Barn, directing each visitor to to claim their free riding or driving lesson with an American Saddlebred."

The Saddlebred stall at the Kids Barn is currently under design and construction, and is expected to be open in May. Thanks to the generous donation of Jim Ruwoldt, we will have a cutback saddle for children to sit on when they visit the Saddlebred stall. The American Saddlebred Museum has also graciously offered to donate items to the stall, and we will encourage Kids Barn visitors to visit the American Saddlebred Museum as part of their Horse Park tour. If you are interested in donating any American Saddlebred related items, or if you have any ideas on how to best showcase the American Saddlebred breed in the stall, please contact ASHA President Tandy Patrick at or ASHA Staff Member Michelle Krentz at

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