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ASHA Announces New Saddlebred Ambassador Awards Program

Michele Macfarlane and friends kicked off the new year---and a new program----by earning 30 points toward becoming the Region 1 Champion Saddlebred Ambassador, when they showcased their beautiful American Saddlebreds in the Tournament of Roses Parade. Individuals, barn groups, or charter clubs will be able to earn points as well, while introducing the American Saddlebred to the public in a variety of ways.
ASHA is excited to announce that there will be recognition and rewards for our breed's top Ambassadors, both regionally and on a national level.  So many Saddlebred owners have already spent time and money tirelessly sharing the breed with the public, and the ASHA would like to recognize these efforts.
There will be categories for barn groups, individuals, and charter clubs, with prizes ranging from hanging banners to equine goods and services and many other exciting prizes! Points will be awarded for a broad range of activities including public lesson programs, attendance of open breed shows, parades, expos, clinics, participation in multiple disciplines, and the many other activities that introduce new enthusiasts to Saddlebreds. ASHA charter clubs will tabulate the points earned by ASHA members in their area each December, and the winners will be announced at the following convention.
The ASHA is also actively seeking sponsors of valuable goods, services, and financial gifts to make this program a truly enticing and prestigious honor.  The points chart will be available for download soon on the website. Contact ASHA committee chairperson, Betsy Cowan, for more information.

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