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ASHA Announces New Membership Categories

The American Saddlebred Horse Association has restructured membership categories in an effort to make ASHA memberships more affordable to breed enthusiasts.  Beginning with the 2015 competition year, owners and trainers of horses participating at USEF licensed competitions in all American Saddlebred sections must be current ASHA Competing members.  Competing membership is automatically included with Life, Contributing, Youth Club Affiliate, Junior, and Special Junior memberships.

ASHA will also offer Senior and Charter Club Affiliate Non-Competing memberships for breed enthusiasts who currently do not own an American Saddlebred or who will not be competing at USEF licensed competitions.  The chart below lists the new ASHA Membership categories and fees.

If you have any questions, please contact the ASHA office at 859.259.2742.



Life Member - Competing $2500

Contributing Member - Competing $100 / year

Senior - Non-Competing $40 / year

Senior - Competing $70 / year

Charter Club Affiliate - Non-Competing $30 / year

Charter Club Affiliate - Competing $60 / year

Youth Club Affiliate - Competing (under 18 on Dec. 1) $40 / year

Junior - Competing (under 18 on Dec. 1) $30 / year

Special Junior - Competing (under 18 on Dec. 1) $60 / year

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