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American Saddlebred Registry Foal Report Details

The American Saddlebred Registry has recently mailed a Foal Report to all owners of mares that had a mare listed on a 2017 stallion service report. The report includes the name of the mare and is requesting information about the result of the 2017 breeding, i.e. whether or not a foal resulted from this breeding. There is a section to be completed if a foal was born in 2018 and another section to be completed if there was no foal resulting from the 2017 breeding.

The goal of the Registry is to use the information that mare owners provide to increase foal registrations by following up on foals that have been born but not registered. The information that is provided will also help to determine conception rates as related to breeding methods. Once the data is obtained, information regarding totals will be shared. However, the Registry will keep names of owners and horses confidential.

We appreciate the willingness of mare owners to complete the Foal Report form, which will assist the Registry in compiling this valuable information.

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