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ASAC - 2006 High Point Awards


The following High Point awards for the 2006 show season were presented to a packed house during the American Saddlebred Association of the Carolinas (ASAC) annual convention, held in Charlotte, NC on February 2-3. More coverage of the convention will follow.





1st       Lakeview’s Rare Lee Seen    Jeoff Bodenhorst      Lenux Stables

2nd      Hollywood Material             Jessica Brown          Cross Winds Farm

3rd      Startalyst                         Bill Cannon               Boones Farm           


1st       Ima-starbuck                     Julie Bermister            Boone’s Farm

2nd      SA Carlswald Prince’s Dominoe    Dr. Wendy Troyer  Boones Farm       

3rd      In Heaven’s Name               Suzie Mims                 Jon Walker Stables



1st       CH Breaking News              Megan McClure       West Wind Stables

2nd      Ima-starbuck                    Julie Bermiester       Boone’s Farm 

3rd      Zara Spook                       Dr. Wendy Troyer    Boones Farm



1st       CH Dusty Beau         Rebekah Cloninger     Drowning Creek Farm

2nd      CH Diamond’s Hope    Sarah Beth Longworth  Cash Lovell Stables

3rd      Leatherwood’s Hats Off       Ali Deutsch      Boones Farm



1st       Jeweled Star            Rebekah Cloninger     Drowning Creek Farm

2nd      I Believe I Can Fly     Sarah Martin            Cash Lovell Stables

3rd      The Cash Connection Harold Absher           Deerfield Stables





1st       Detached                Susan Harris            Drowning Creek Farm

2nd      CH Man on the Run   Quintus VanderSpuy  Lenux Stables

2nd      Joker’s Wild              Bob & Jan Gunn       Jon Walker Stables

3rd      Gypsy Diamond         Harrison Shiflet         Harrison Shiflet Stable



1st       CH Man on the Run  Brooke VanderSpuy   Lenux Stables



1st       Woulda Coulda Shoulda    Aimee Austin     Magnolia Stables

2nd      Detached                      Susan Harris      Drowning Creek Farm

3rd      She’s An Asset               Nancy Gordon    Boones Farm



1st       CH The Showstopper      Margaret Morrison     Cash Lovell Stables  

2nd      Paradoc’s Korygami         Suzanne Kinzler        Lenux Stables

3rd      Heathermoor’s Prince       Camile Cowart          West Wind Stables   



1st       Royalty in Black                Allie Wellington         Drowning Creek Farm

2nd      CH Sarah Katherine           Lauren Henderson     Boone’s Farm

3rd      Cameo’s Carte Blanche       Anna Drew Jackson   Cash Lovell Stables


Open Park:            

1st       A Chance to Dance   Marie Gwinn             Boones Farm  

2nd      Tye’s Star               Patti Lovelace          Red Oak Stables

3rd      Joker’s Wild              Bob & Jan Gunn        Jon Walker Stables

3rd      Certainly a Star        Vickie Byrd              Cash Lovell Stables


Amateur Park:         

1st       Promise to Dance     Marie Gwinn             Boone’s Farm

2nd      CH Justa Rascal       Megan McClure         West Wind Stables          

3rd      Town Cat                Brenda Navori           Cash Lovell Stables


Juvenile Park:

1st       Kalarama Shiraz        Sarah Beth Longworth  Cash Lovell Stables

2nd      Iva Secret               Meghan Bryant           Deerfield Stables      

3rd      Here’s Beanski           Lindsey Gettig            Pine View Stables





1st       Catalytic                 Susan Hollowell        Cash Lovell Stables  

2nd      Majestic Mayo          Cash Lovell Stables   Cash Lovell Stables

2nd      Prize Material           W.H. Maddy             Cash Lovell Stables  




5-Gaited Pleasure:   

1st      Courageous Grace               Sydney Carter      Drowning Creek

2nd     CH Social Worth                  Pam Austin          Magnolia Farm

3rd      CH Callaway’s No Problem     Jean Myers      Steve Hanks Stables



1st       CH Five Minutes More          Barbara Matthews     o/e      

2nd      Carboness PHF                   Amy Roberts            Chestnut Lane         

3rd      Mystic Affair                       Doris Marr               Boones Farm



1st       CH It’s Yabba Dabba Doo Time Allie Wellington    Drowning Creek Farm

2nd      Harlem’s Moving Man Drew      Taylor Hewitt      Cash Lovell Stables

3rd      Irish in Lights                        Jena Norton        Harrison Shiflet Stables       



1st Worthy’s Just Once        Alex Foster             Cash Lovell Stables  

2nd John Elway                  Ann Cannon             Boones Farm

3rd CH Harlem’s Babe Ruth   Susan Whittington     Summer Chase Stables


Amateur Owned and Trained:

1st       Manhattan Tee Time           Deana Gilliam           o/e      

2nd      CH Harlem’s Jamaican          Barbara Matthews     o/e

3rd       CH Five Minutes More         Barbara Matthews     o/e


Pleasure Prospect: 

1st       My Tee Time            Andy Everett           Boone’s Farm 

2nd      Trixie Chick              Vonda Goff              Ingleside Stables

3rd        Unbreakable Heart      Stephany Bennett    Boone’s Farm



1st       Sunkissed Supreme          Megan Barrett        David Barger Stables

2nd      Scotty’s Lace                 Emily Garrity           Cash Lovell Stables            

3rd      Santana’s Flaming Dawn    Camille Cowart        West Wind Stables


12 & Under Walk/Trot Pleasure:                                                                                                                                  

1st       Madison Cheatham             Jon Walker Stables    

2nd      Drew Love                        Ingleside Stable

2nd      Stephanie Brackett             Cash Lovell Stables         

3rd      Rachel Tankersley               Boone’s Farm






1st       CH Riva Diva                      Donna Finch            Cash Lovell Stables  

2nd      The Kentucky Connection    Katie Matthews        Boone’s Farm

3rd      Bay All Day                        Marie Gwinn             Boones Farm    



1st       CH Santana’s Night Moves    Jane Garrity            Cash Lovell Stables   

2nd      Irish Cappuccino                 Heather Jensen        Ingleside Stables

3rd      Phantom Eyes                     Natalie Penegar        Cross Wind Stables  



1st       Ro-Day-O                Annette Greene        Summer Chase Stables       

2nd      A Promise Keeper      Lauren Camp            Boones Farm   

3rd      CH Dr. Decker           Margaret Poovey       Cash Lovell Stables



1st       Monsignor                                   Marie Gwinn                      o/e

2nd      Mountainview’s Manhattan Viscount Lisa Jordan-Pearce             o/e    



1st       Toluca                    Lisa Jordan Pearce    o/e

2nd      Belleza                    Deanna Gilliam          o/e    






1st       Fitz’s Mademoiselle    Lewis Eckard Drowning Creek Farm


Pleasure Driving:

1st      Wait and See’s Postmaster   Alex Foster    Cash Lovell Stables

2nd      Heartland Parade Time        Tamra Arndt   West Wind Stables

3rd      Heartland High Time            Rita Camp      Boones Farm





1st       Where’s Reuben       Debra Clark              Jon Walker Stables   

2nd      Eclipse                   Steve Deutsch         Jon Walker Stables

3rd      Vivacious                Holly Ackerman         Breakaway Stables



1st       Westgate Villain       Mike Gordon             Boone’s Farm 

2nd      Eclipse                   Steve Deutsch         Jon Walker Stables     

3rd      Where’s Reuben        Debra Clark              Jon Walker Stables



1st       Rompaway               Hunter Maddy          Cash Lovell Stables 

2nd      The Dreamer            Sean Lassett           Steve Hanks Stables


Under Saddle:

1st       Diamond Hustler       Rebekah Cloninger     Drowning Creek Farm

2nd      Vivacious                Holly Ackerman         Breakaway Stables

3rd        High Velocity            Lenise Greenwald     Boones Farm 




1st       Razz-ma-tazz                   Karl Bridgeman         Drowning Creek Farm

2nd      Regal’s Star Attraction LF    Jeoff Bodenhorst      Lenux Stables                    

3rd      Hawkeye’s Chatterbox         Allie Wellington        Drowning Creek Farm



1st       Cappuccino              Brenda Kelly             Holly Tree Stables    

2nd      Hallelujah                 Wendy & Morri Irvin   Boone’s Farm

3rd      Boxford on the Mark   Wendy Troyer           Boones Farm



1st       Zildjian                      Conner Leith        Ingleside Stables

2nd      Catch the Spirit          Dustin Lassett      Steve Hanks Stables

3rd      Hawkeye’s Chatter Box Allie Wellington     Drowning Creek Farm


Under Saddle:

1st       Sugar Daddy                 Crystal Case            Eddie Case Stables     

2nd      Perfect Offering             Drew Taylor Hewitt   Cash Lovell Stables

3rd      K & J’s The Harley Sportster    Alyson Gentry    Gentry Crest 




14-17 WTC:  

1st        Jennifer Roberts        Chestnut Lane           

2nd      Sarah Robertson       Heads Up Academy


10 & Under, W & T: 

1st       Cagle James            Cash Lovell Stables   

2nd      Vanessa Patch         Chestnut Lane


Pleasure Equitation:           

1st       Elyse Boykin             Ingleside Stables    

2nd      Erin Breslin               Ingleside Stables

3rd      Courtnie Tant           Cross Winds Stables


PERFORMANCE DIVISION:    High Point Barn:     Cash Lovell Stables 

                                    Reserve:            Boone’s Farm               





Academy Show Rider WTC:

            1st       Denise Patch           Chestnut Lane         

2nd      Beth Viering             Boones Farm   

3rd      Tina Johnson            Cross Winds Stables


Academy Adult, WTC:

          1st       Ara Pearson             Cross Winds Stables

2nd      Melinda Tedder         Cash Lovell Stables

          3rd      Donna Finch             Cash Lovell Stables


Academy 14-17, WTC:

            1st       Emily Peele              Cash Lovell Stables  

          2nd      Nikki Krings              Deerfield Stables

          3rd      Monica Walsh           Cash Lovell Stables


Academy 11-13, WTC:       

            1st       Tiffany Hager          Windcrest Stables

          2nd      Brandi Crouch         Windcrest Stables             

3rd      Areanna Torrens       Deerfield Stables      


Academy 10 & Under, WTC:          

            1st       Abigail Tomlin           Windcrest Stables

          2nd      McKenzie Bryant       Deerfield Stables

          3rd      Morgan Barney         Cash Lovell Stables


Academy Showmanship, Any Age, WTC:

          1st       Denese Patch          Chestnut Lane           

          2nd      Tiffany Hager           Windcrest Stables

          3rd      Ara Pearson             Cross Winds Stables 


Academy Adult, W & T:

            1st       Aimee Taylor            Windcrest Stables 

2nd      Angie Williams           Boones Farm   

            3rd      Jessica Marchi           Cash Lovell Stables 


Academy 14-17, W & T:   

1st       Lorie Triplett            Deerfield Stables

2nd      Monica Walsh           Cash Lovell Stables


Academy 11-13, W & T:

          1st       Natalie Swimmer      Chestnut Lane

2nd      Meredith Macy         Cash Lovell Stables             

3rd      Sydney Croley          Baird Stables

3rd      Alex Gerber              G & I Broodmare Farm   


Academy 9-10, W & T:

          1st       Jessica Jones           Deerfield Stables         

2nd      Summer Blackwelder  Boones Farm      

3rd      Alex Cedrone            Boones Farm       

          3rd      Jazmine Jones          Deerfield Stables


Academy 8 & Under, W & T:

          1st       Kayla Wilson           Cross Winds Stables 

          2nd      Allie Poovey            Cash Lovell Stables

          3rd      Tiffany Knox            Boones Farm                                   


Academy Showmanship, Any Age, W & T:

1st        Natalie Swimmer       Chestnut Lane

2nd      Allie Poovey            Cash Lovell Stables  

          2nd      Elllie Kangur            Cash Lovell Stables  

3rd      Tiffany Knox            Boone’s Farm                    

3rd      Kayla Wilson            Cross Winds Stables           


ACADEMY DIVISION:           High Point Barn:        Cash Lovell Stables

                         Reserve:              Windcrest Stables 





Show Pleasure



NC:     Courageous Grace     Sydney Carter          Drowning Creek Farm

SC:     Gentry Crest’s Rainbow Connection  Shan Gentry   Gentry Crest Farm 



          NC:     Carboness               Amy Roberts            Chestnut Lane

          SC:     Five Minutes More     Barbara Matthews     o/e



          NC:     CH It’s Yabba Dabba Doo Time Allie Wellington Drowning Creek Farm

          SC:     Gentry Crest’s Triple Charm     Alyson Gentry   Gentry Crest Farm   



          NC:     Worthy’s Just Once   Vernon & Jennifer Foster      Cash Lovell Stables



Country Pleasure



          NC:     Riva Diva                 Donna Finch        Cash Lovell Stables

          SC:     Santana’s Montana   Holly Ackerman     Breakaway Stables



          NC:     CH Santana’s Night Moves                   Cash Lovell Stables

SC:     JG Key Valentino                                Baird Stables       



          NC:     Ro-Day-O      Annette & Rheane Green   Summer Chase Stables



          NC:     Mountainview’s Manhattan Viscount Lisa Jordan-Pearce    o/e

          SC:     Monsignor     Marie Gwinn              o/e



          NC:     Toluca          Lisa Jordan-Pearce    o/e





Amateur of the Year: Pam Quick  


Juvenile of the Year: Sydney Carter           


Professional of the Year:    John Whalen   


Sandra Hall Distinguished Service Award: Trip Stewart          


Frank Ogletree Youth Award: Susan Carter                                  


Margaret Stewart Youth Award:   Grant Shiflet                           


Barbara Blackwelder Humanitarian Award: Marilyn & Harry Swimmer    



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