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ASAC Convention Presents Seminars, Speakers and Awards

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The ASAC Convention, held Feb. 11-13, at the Westin Hotel attracted more than 200 members of the American Saddlebred Association of the Carolinas for meetings, seminars, fund raising auctions and the annual awards banquet.

Eddie Case returned to serve as auctioneer for Friday evening’s live auction. The evening began with a reception and hors d’oeuvres’ sponsored by the ASAC Horse Show. After the gavel fell for the final time, ASAC had raised more than $16,200.00. The Carolina Futurity raised nearly $8,500 and UPHA Chapter 12 raised more than $1,000. Items auctioned off included an antique tricycle, a stud fee to Tom Galbreath’s Sir William Robert, an antique rocking horse donated by Mrs. Alice Lyda, and an air/hotel package.

Wes Hall served as the disc jockey for the youth group’s festivities. Youth coordinator Luanne Kilday planned the evening for the youth members, including food, games and activities.

Misdee Wrigley was the featured speaker for the youth group meeting on Saturday morning. Wrigley spoke about her Colic Research Foundation which was established in memory of her mother Deedie Wrigley-Hancock.

Wrigley also addressed the ASAC membership in their afternoon meeting and in addition to her presentation about her research foundation, she spoke to the crowd about the American Saddlebred Horse Association annual convention which was held in Lexington, Ky., after the ASAC convention.

Debbie Metcalf also spoke to the general membership in the afternoon meeting about the organization she founded; Stolen Horse International. Metcalf’s organization works to recover horses that have been stolen.

As is often the case at conventions, the attendance at Saturday evening’s awards banquet exceeded attendance at previous meetings and events. More than 400 people were on hand to witness the awards presentations and enjoy the excellent buffet dinner.

Alan Balch, of ASHA, was the featured speaker and also presented the Charter Club of the Year award to ASAC. ASAC treasurer Nancy Boone and ASAC secretary Betsy Boone accepted the award on behalf of ASAC president Henry Jumper.

Billy Scott and the Prophets returned again this year to provide the popular beach music which drew a big crowd to the dance floor at the end of the awards presentations.


Academy Division

Academy 8 and Under Walk and Trot
1. Rachel Tankersly, Boone’s Farm
2. Vanessa Patch, Chestnut Lane

Academy 10 and Under Walk and Trot
1. Jackie Almeter, Boone’s Farm
2. Emily Garrity, Cash Lovell Stables

Academy 11-13 Walk and Trot
1. Alex Almeter, Boone’s Farm
2. Anna Drew Jackson, Cash Lovell Stables

Academy Adult Walk and Trot
1. Melinda Tedder, Cash Lovell Stables
2. Margaret Oktavec, Mountain View Stables

Academy Showmanship, Any Age, Walk and Trot
1. Jackie Almeter, Boone’s Farm
2. Alex Almeter, Boone’s Farm

Academy 11-13 Walk/Trot/Canter
1. Layne Norman, Silverlin Stables
2. Becky Payne, Cash Lovell Stables

Academy 14-17 Walk/Trot/Canter
1. Michelle Magnuson, Boone’s Farm
2. Liza Payne, Cash Lovell Stables

Academy Adult, Walk/Trot/Canter
1. Beth Ann Viering, Boone’s Farm
2. Gail Barruth, Cash Lovell Stables

Academy Showmanship Any Age, Walk/Trot/Canter
1. Beth Ann Viering, Boone’s Farm
2. Michelle Magnuson, Boone’s Farm

Academy Show Rider Walk/Trot/Canter
1. Stephany Bennett, Boone’s Farm
2. Laura Cathey, Boone’s Farm

Equitation Division

Pleasure Equitation
1. Misty Hall, Ingleside Farm

11-13 Walk/Trot/Canter
1. Jennifer Roberts, Chestnut Lane
2. Misty Hall, Ingleside Farm

Country Pleasure Division

1. Rum Tum Tigger, Jeb Boyd, Steve Hanks Stables
2. Unlawful, Marie Gwinn, Boone’s Farm

1. City To City, Susan Whittington, Gallant Stables
2. Red White and Beautiful, Rebecca Roberson, Heads Up! Academy

Junior Exhibitor
1. Attache’s Irish Wine, Rebekah Cloninger, Drowning Creek Farm
2. My Fair Prince, Stephanie Hahn, Boone’s Farm

1. CH Java Sea, Amy Roberts, Chestnut Lane
2. Lady Mysterious, Marion Bryan, Cash Lovell Stables

1. Hurricane Swamp Fox, Marie Gwinn, O/C
2. Toluca, Lisa Jordan Pearce, O/E

Show Pleasure Division

1. Fox’s Dancing Fire, Drew Taylor Hewitt, Cash Lovell Stables
2. Sunkissed Supreme, Megan Barrett, David Barger Stables

1. Harlem’s Babe Ruth, Susan Whittington, Summer Chase Farm
2. CH Video Magic, Linda Blair, G & I Broodmare Farm

Junior Exhibitor
1. CH Future Treasure, Caitlin Leith, Ingleside Farm
2. CH It’s Yabba Dabba Doo Time, Sidney Carter, Woodbridge Farm

1. A Promise Keeper, Lauren Camp, Boone’s Farm
2. CH Devoted To The Cause, Ann Cannon, Boone’s Farm

Five-Gaited Pleasure
1. Callaway’s Crown Jewel, Luanne Kilday, Steve Hanks Stables
2. Amuse Me, Andi Everett, Boone’s Farm

Pleasure Prospect
1. Champagne’s April Morning, Megan Whitby, Ingleside Farm
2. Gentry Crest’s Triple Charm, Shan Gentry, Gentry Crest Farm

12 and Under Walk and Trot Pleasure
1. Pressley Laton, Boone’s Farm
2. Crystal Case, Eddie Case Stables

Amateur Owned and Trained
1. CF Star At First Sight, Marie Gwinn, O/T/E
1. Manhattan Tee Time, Deana Gilliam, O/T/E
2. HMS Captivator, Pam Quick, O/T/E

Hackney Pony Division
1. Breezeland’s Moon -N-Stars, Charles Leonard, Lenwood Farm

Harness Pony Division

1. Fitz’s Mademoiselle, Mrs. Landon Eckard, Drowning Creek Farm

1. Fitz’s Mademoiselle, Lewis Eckard, Drowning Creek Farm

Pleasure Driving
1. Heartland High Time, Rita Camp, Boone’s Farm
2. Lloyd’s Of London, Jodi Weathers

Roadster Pony Division

Junior Exhibitor
1. Dun-Haven’s Grandiose, Rebekah Cloninger, Drowning Creek Farm
2. Boot Scootin Boogie, Allie Wellington, Drowning Creek Farm

Under Saddle
1. Aarobrook’s The Aviator, Alli Smith, Chestnut Lane
2. K & J’s The Harley Sportster, Britt Gentry, Gentry Crest Farms

1. Seize The Moment, Susan Harris, Drowning Creek Farm
2. Hallelujah, Morri/Wendy Irvin, Boone’s Farm

1. Vivacious, Mary/Harry Daughtry, Daughtry Stables
2. Heartland’s Wild Thunder, Jeb Boyd, Steve Hanks Stables

Road Horse Division

Under Saddle
1.Sour Grapes, Mark Catron, Steve Hanks Stables

Junior Exhibitor
1. I Would If I Could, Jeb Boyd, Steve Hanks Stables

1. Westgate Villain, Mike Gordon, Boone’s Farm
2. Rompaway, Bill Maddy, Cash Lovell Stables
2. Spatz, Doris Crumpler, North Star Farm

Open 1. Sour Grapes, Mark Catron, Steve Hanks Stables
2. Absolute Bedlam, Steve Deutsch, Cash Lovell Stables

Fine Harness Division

1. Catalytic, Susan Hollowell, Cash Lovell Stables
2. New York Trend, Sharyn Lackey/Stefanie Sanchez, West Wind Stables

1. New York Trend, Sharyn Lackey/Stefanie Sanchez, West Wind Stables 2. Gladys Knight, Jennifer Blair, G & I Broodmare Farm

Three-Gaited Division

1. Sarah Katherine, Lauren Henderson, Boone’s Farm
2. The Mustang Sally, Allie Wellington, Drowning Creek Farm

1. Woulda Coulda Shoulda, Aimee Austin, Magnolia Stables
2. CH Man On The Run, Brooke Bodenhorst, Cash Lovell Stables

1. She’s An Asset, Nancy Gordon, Boone’s Farm
2. Boxster, Sharon Anderson, Cash Lovell Stables

1. The Harlem Bay, Carol Jamison, Drowning Creek Farm
1. An Irish Sensation, Janelle D’Amato, Drowning Creek Farm
2. Chesney, Marie Gwinn, Boone’s Farm

Junior Exhibitor
1. CH Sportster, Kate Bryan, Cash Lovell Stables
2. Love To Dance, Katie Morrison, Cash Lovell Stables

Amateur Park
1. Promise To Dance, Marie Gwinn, Boone’s Farm
2. My Mountain Heirs, Denise Outen, Drowning Creek Farm

Junior Exhibitor Park
1. CH Tomorrow’s Future, Sally Pyles, Jon Walker Stables
2. Sanibel, Chelsie Smith, Drowning Creek Farm

Open Park
1. Detached, Susan Harris, Drowning Creek Farm
2. Over Achiever, Jennifer Geisler, Cash Lovell Stables

Five-Gaited Division

1. Champagne In Winter, Rebecca Deutsch, Cash Lovell Stables

Junior Exhibitor
1. (SA) Studcor Donatello, Talley Harris, Drowning Creek Farm
2. Hank Heiron, Ali Deutsch, Boone’s Farm

1. Belleavanti, Johnny Wellington, Drowning Creek Farm
2. Pick Me First, Dona Lockett, Boone’s Farm

1. CH Jaunty Janette, Vickie Byrd, Cash Lovell Stables
2. John Elway, Ann Cannon, Boone’s Farm

1. Zara Spook, Dr. Wendy Troyer, Boone’s Farm
2. She’s A Red Hot Chili Pepper, Sharyn Lackey/Stefanie Sanchez, West Wind Stables

2004 ASHA State Pleasure Horse Of The Year

Country Pleasure Division

NC: Rum Tum Tigger, Jeb Boyd
SC: Unlawful, Marie Gwinn

NC: City To City, Susan Whittington
SC: CF Star At First Sight, Marie Gwinn

unior Exhibitor
NC: Attache’s Irish Wine, Rebekah Cloninger
SC: Gentry Crest’s Rosie O’Shea, Richard Gentry

NC: CH Java Sea, Amy Roberts
SC: CF Star At First Sight, Marie Gwinn

NC: Toluca, Lisa Jordan Pearce
SC: Hurricane Swamp Fox, Marie Gwinn

Show Pleasure Division

NC: Harlem’s Babe Ruth, Susan Whittington
SC: Simply Panache, Lake Dailey, Nightfall Farm

NC: A Promise Keeper, Lauren Camp

Five-Gaited Pleasure
NC: Callaway’s Crown Jewel, Luanne Kilday
SC: Gentry Crest’s Rainbow Connection, Richard Gentry

Martina Rosenberry Sportsmanship Awards

Amateur of the Year: Johnny Wellington
Juvenile of the Year: Alli Smith
Professional of the Year: Claude Shiflet

Sandra Hall Distinguished Service Award
Patti Lovelace

Frank Ogletree Youth Award
Luanne Kilday

Margaret Stewart Youth Award
Megan McClure

Barbara Blackwelder Humanitarian Award
Brenda Pulis

Performance Division:

High Point Barn
1. Boone’s Farm and Stable
2. Drowning Creek Farm

Academy Division

High Point Barn
1. Boone’s Farm
2. Cash Lovell Stables

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