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The Answer to Last Week's Poll Question

The poll question for the week of April 14 was, "Based on show ring results from the past few years, which stallion would be the best cross for a Radiant Sultan mare?"

A statistical evaluation of this question can be found by using the new Progeny Search tool at

The top vote-getter was Callaway’s Blue Norther. Blue Norther was a strong choice, as he was in the top four, based on our Progeny Search results for a Radiant Sultan mare. His point earner was the former Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited World’s Champion of Champions Aurora Borealis, now showing successfully in the Park division.

Next up in votes received was Designed. Designed has six get out of Radiant Sultan mares that have performed in the show ring recently. Pierre Cardin has been shown with great success by Barbara Hendrickson in the Country Pleasure Driving division, while Gloria Vanderbilt was shown successfully in Junior Three-Gaited, placing second at last year’s UPHA/American Royal with Jim Lowry. Designed was the second-best choice based on our Progeny Search, as well as being the number two choice of our voters.

The top choice based on our statistics and third in the voting was Harlem Globetrotter. Globetrotter had eight crosses with Radiant Sultan mares that performed for him. One of these was CH Harlem’s Proud Mary, who took reserve in Ladies Fine Harness at the 2007 UPHA/American Royal with Ann Curl. Also earning points for the Globetrotter x Radiant Sultan cross was CH Harlem Heat, the Show Pleasure Driving partner of Lib Jones, a top team on the Southeast circuit.

Finally Attached also received votes and was in the top 10 of the Progeny Search results. This cross resulted in a top contender out west in Finally Yours, shown by Kayla Wooters. They were winners in Three-Gaited Show Pleasure early in 2007, then moved to the Three-Gaited division, continuing their winning ways.

Take a look at this week’s poll question and see if you can pick out the best answer by using our new Progeny Search. For more information on how to use the Progeny Search, click here.

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