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Announces New Board Officers and Rule Changes

Lexington, Kentucky - At its annual organizational meeting held on Monday, March 11, 2013, newly-elected Directors of the American Saddlebred Registry (ASR) nominated and elected their Officers.  Elected for one-year terms were Dr. Margaret McNeese (Texas) as President; Judy Werner (Illinois) as Vice-President; Carl Holden (Kentucky) as Treasurer; and Janet Thompson (Missouri) as Secretary.
The Board also approved the following rule change effective April 1, 2013:
Half Saddlebred Registry of America Rules – add new Section III. A. 10. to read:
The requirements for filing a Breeder’s Certificate, a Stallion Service Report and/or an Unregistered Foal Transfer form required for the non-Saddlebred parent may be waived by the Registrar if after reasonable investigation that parent cannot be identified.
The Board would also like to let you know about the new Mare Harmony Program. This program provides a venue to advertise American Saddlebred mares available for lease.  Please visit the Forms Page, or download the form on the ASHA Website to enroll in this exciting program.  A list of mares available for lease will be posted on the Mare Harmony section of the ASHA website as mares are enrolled.
We would also like to remind you of some upcoming rule changes which will be effective April 1, 2013.  Note changes are in bold and italics.
Transfer of Ownership Fees
Within 30 days of sale - $65.00
Late fees – after 30 days $10.00 per month to a maximum of $200
Unregistered Foal Transfer Fee - $65.00
(If not filed with the Registry within 12 months of the foaling date)
Back Transfers - $65.00
(Transfer of ownership previously not recorded)
The Board considered the fact that the $50 transfer fee has not been increased since 1997; however costs related to processing transfers have increased.
Certificate Correction and Replacement Fees for five or more certificates at one time for marital or other name changes of individual owners $15.00 per certificate 
The intent of this change is to encourage owners to update more registration certificates when their legal name has changed.
Lien/Security Interest Investigative Fee - $150.00
This fee is to help cover the cost of time spent by ASR legal counsel investigating some liens and security interests.  
Adding pedigree of mare or stallion registered with an approved foreign registry to database - $75.00
This fee is to cover staff time spent entering a full pedigree for an American Saddlebred into our database.

Embryo/Oocyte Transplant Certificate - $50.00 
This fee is required when registering a foal that is the result of an embryo or oocyte transplant.  The fee should be submitted along with the embryo/oocyte transplant certificate which is on page 4 of the Application for Registration form.
Staff Research - $75.00 per hour
This may include, but is not limited to, researching the possible identity of a horse, extensive research requested which may include information requested by subpoena or research requested when investigating a lien or security interest.
Registration Processing Fee to be retained by ASR when an application for registration is cancelled - $25.00
DNA Processing Fee to be retained by ASR when a DNA kit is cancelled and a sample has not been submitted to the lab - $15.00
Change of Registered Name - $250.00

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