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AMHI hosting trip to Portugal and the Golega Horse Fair


The American Morgan Horse Institute will be hosting a trip to Portugal and the Golega Horse Fair on November 7 - 13, 2005. This is your opportunity to travel with a small group of people who genuinely love horses. The Golegã Horse Fair has taken place since the mid 18th century, in Golegã, Portugal, near beautiful Lisbon. This remarkable fair is a 5-day, 24-hour spectacle of the horse, primarily the Lusitano.

A continuous stream of horses and riders participate in competitions, exhibitions, parades, and evening displays, all in and around this little market town. This fantastic celebration of the horse combines the National Horse Fair and the International Lusitano Fair, and people arrive to pay homage to the horse from all over the world. There are trade stands everywhere, with everything for the horse and rider. Every shed, garage, nook, and cranny is filled with horses. Exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and ceramics devoted to the horse are held on every day of the fair. The horse, culture, and art are inseparable here. Join them on your own; with friends or family; with other clients from your barn; with the members of your local club.

For more details or a trip brochure, call: American Expeditions at (800) 624-0166 or Sally Wadhams at the American Morgan Horse Institute (802) 985-8477. To view the trip's itinerary and details on the web, go to the AMHA's website's "Latest News" and scroll down to the trip info, posted 2005-01-14. Or enter this link into your browser:

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