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AMHI Ebay Donations Sought

American Morgan Horse Institute Looking For Auction Donations Did you know that the American Morgan Horse Institute (AMHI) E-Bay Auction Project has raised almost $50,000 for the Morgan Community? Now the project urgently needs your help! This project has so far funded the new telephone system in the Shelburne office, the computer processor that the new AMHA Go-Members Software System runs on, and the high tech publication laser printer for the Morgan Horse Magazine. These acquisitions serve our entire membership as well as everyone interested in Morgan horses. Each year we’ve set a goal to achieve. For 2003, that goal is to fund the redesign of the MORGANHORSE.COM website. As MORGANHORSE.COM has grown and flourished it has grown beyond the capabilities of its original structure. As more and more information is placed within that site and as new capabilities are now anticipated in the future, its time to ‘remodel’ to be able to take advantage of new technology that will allow enhanced service levels from the website. How much? $25,000.00. When? By December 31, 2003. How can YOU help? Easy! Simple fact is that we can’t sell items unless people donate them first and the biggest challenge we’ve faced has been simply not having enough items to sell! We’ve got the system and the process down, but we need your donated items to feed the demand. We want to get everyone in the Morgan Community involved with this project by helping us collect and donate items. Donated items can be shipped directly to Barb Rudicel, or brought to one of our representatives attending the Regional and All-Morgan shows in your area. Are you willing to help by informing your Morgan club, youth group, friends, and relatives? Are you willing to collect items at horse shows and get the items to us? Any large items can be brought to the Grand National and we’ll get them home from there. People often ask us what to donate, and what sells well. Both horse related and non-horsy items sell very well. Some examples of horse related items that sell well are: Morgan Horse Magazines prior to 1960; Morgan art work; Morgan prints and paintings; AMHA registry volumes 1-7; original Morgan Horse Video Review tapes; new horse equipment; saddle suits and day coats in great condition; and any nice porcelain or pottery item with a horse on it. Non-horsey items such as fine china; Hermes or other name brand scarves; lithographs and paintings; retired, collectable items; jewelry, good pottery, and foreign goods in pristine condition, are all very popular and sell very well. Remember, all donations are tax-deductible! Please let Barb Rudicel know if you have items you’d like to donate or if you can help us in any way. Barb is easy to reach: Barbara Rudicel, phone: 765-288-3558 or by e-mail:

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