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AMHA and World Morgan Futurity News

Be the final bidder on breeding in the 2009 AMHA/WMF Stallion Service Auction and get a great deal plus be eligible for $10,000 in added auction rewards!

Be the winning bidder on a stallion service at this year’s AMHA and World Morgan Futurity Stallion Service Auction and your resulting foal could take home $10,000 in auction rewards.

That’s right.  In addition to the already great bonus prize money available to offspring of this year’s stallions as well as through the World Morgan Futurity, we are adding more!

If you are the final bidder on a service at this year’s auction, the resulting foal from that breeding will be eligible to win $10,000 in the future. Just be the final bidder, breed your mare, register your foal, and fill out your certificate and file it with the World Morgan Futurity.  The first foal resulting from one of these specific inseminations to win first place in any World Morgan Futurity class will claim the money.  If more than one foal wins in that year, the money will be divided by those winning entries.  Only the first year of winners will count.  Should no foal win through their futurity years, the program will carry over to their Alumni year provided all World Morgan Futurity fees and rules are met.

So, get online, bid, and be the final bidder on one of the great stallions now being offered.  There are more ways to win than ever before.

Over 50 great stallions are now online and available for bidding at . You will find outstanding stallions of all bloodlines and disciplines, with bids in every price range.  Online bidding will close on Friday, February 21, 2009 at noon PST, with bidding continuing live at the AMHA Convention on the Top Ten bid amounts (tied bids will count as one spot in the Top 10) on Saturday, February 22, 2009 at 7:30 pm PST (you may continue to support your bid by telephone at that point).

Also being auctioned is the December 2009 cover of The Morgan Horse magazine, which is the Grand National issue.

A great way to support the breed and add valuable blood to your breeding program.  Money for this auction will go toward Marketing the Morgan as well as adding support to AMHA competitions in 2009.  In addition, added prize money will be available for get of those stallions participating in this year's World Morgan Futurity.

AMHA Stallion Service Auction proceeds are distributed as follows:

• 40% of the total auction revenue less expenses to go to the AMHA Marketing Committee to use for promotion of the Morgan horse.

• 40% of the total auction revenue less expenses to go to the World Morgan Futurity for distribution to each first-place winner in each of that year's World Morgan Futurity classes provided that winner is sired by one of the AMHA Stallion Service Auction stallions from that year with 50% going to the owner of the winning entry, 40% going to the sire owner of that winning entry's sire, and 10% going to the handler or exhibitor of that winning entry. THE TOTAL AMOUNT DISTRIBUTED TO BE DIVIDED ONLY AMONG THE FIRST-PLACE WINNERS SIRED BY STALLIONS IN THAT YEAR'S AMHA STALLION SERVICE AUCTION. IF THERE ARE NO FIRST-PLACE WINNERS IN ANY OF THAT YEAR'S WORLD MORGAN FUTURITY CLASSES SIRED BY A STALLION IN THAT YEAR'S AMHA STALLION SERVICE AUCTION, THE MONEY WILL THEN ROLL OVER INTO THE NEXT YEAR'S AUCTION FOR DISTRIBUTION IN THE SAME MANNER WITH A NEW GROUP OF ELIGIBLE OFFSPRING BASED ON THE NEW YEAR'S AMHA STALLION SERVICE AUCTION.

• 10% of the total auction revenue, less expenses, to be divided among the 10 AMHA Regional Shows with each show using the money as they deem necessary in exchange for advertising for the AMHA Stallion Service Auction in that show’s prize list AND show program.

• 10% of the total auction revenue less expenses to be available to any rated Morgan show through a grant program to assist financially challenged USEF Morgan competitions. The competitions must:

Meet the grant requirements

Be approved by the AMHA Grants Committee

Be applied for on the official application.

Grants will be available on a first come, first served basis.

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