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AMHA Convention Dates Announced

The American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) is pleased to announce the dates for its annual convention. The 2013 annual gathering of Morgan members and enthusiasts will take place February 20-23 at the famed Benson Hotel in Portland, Oregon. 
While planning is still in its infancy, three noted speakers already are confirmed to give presentations.
• Mark Bollender: Mark is a nationally recognized horseman and instructor and is also the country's leading expert in Mountain Trail, Extreme Trail, and Competitive Trail. He will give two presentations: Extreme Trail and Course and Course Building.
• Dr. Lisa Metcalf: Board-certified in theriogenology, the specialty practice of animal reproduction, Dr. Metcalf is the owner of Honahlee PC in Sherwood, Oregon, the first private practice dedicated solely to equine reproduction. She will offer useful tips for increasing pregnancy rates, from both a stallion and mare perspective. 
 • Miriah Stuart has been studying anatomy, horse massage, and equine exercise physiology since 2002. She will demonstrate thermal imaging, an infrared camera that assists is finding areas of inflammation and pain in an animal. 
This is just the first announcement of what is promising to be a Convention to remember! For all up to date information on the Convention, be sure to visit   

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