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AMHA Board Of Directors Election Results

The American Morgan Horse Association Annual Meeting was held in Orlando, Florida with C.A. (Tony) Lee, III re-elected as AMHA President. He was joined by board members Dallas Bolen, Steven Handy, James Gruenberg, Kelly Kraegel, newly elected director Sharon Boyce Bender, and outgoing director Mari Sanderson (front).

The American Morgan Horse Association, Inc., held its annual meeting of members on January 6, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. The results of the election conducted in conjunction with that meeting are as follows: Ashleigh Wood of Danbury, Connecticut, was elected as a director for the Eastern Region. Harlan Grunden of Curtis, Nebraska was re-elected as a director for the Central Region, and Sharon Boyce Bender of Saratoga, California was elected as a director for the Western Region.

At the annual reorganization meeting on Thursday, January 6, 2022, C.A. (Tony) Lee, III was re-elected by the Board to serve as AMHA President. Kelly Kraegel was appointed Vice President and Steven Handy was appointed Vice President of Finance. Harlan Grunden will again serve as Registry committee chair and Terri Sturm continues as Bylaws committee chair.

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