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2007 AMHA Annual Convention


by Diana Davidson


ATLANTA, Ga. - The 2007 AMHA Annual Convention took place on Feb. 14-17 at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel. The theme of this year’s gathering was both timely and meaningful – The Morgan: A Passion That Lasts A Lifetime. The week of Valentine’s Day was a perfect time to focus on the passion that we as Morgan owners share for this amazing breed of horse.


The AMHA membership of 10,714 represents a group of people as diverse as the many facets of the truly versatile Morgan horse. While it seems that this should be AMHA’s biggest asset, it has in many ways been the largest cause of division.


The AMHA Annual Convention is a perfect time for members to come together and focus on the achievements of the breed and unite to help promote the Morgan horse that we all feel so passionately about.


Convention co-chairs Barbara Goda and C. A. “Tony” Lee III expressed what they hoped the convention would convey, “We hope that the convention allows us all to remember the past, explore the present and salute the future of the Morgan breed. Whatever your interest or field of expertise, we hope you enjoy our time together as we learn and grow for the future of the Morgan horse. It is our pleasure to have some of the Morgan world’s finest people join us in Atlanta as we celebrate the Morgan and a passion that lasts a lifetime.”


AMHA Convention co-chairs Barbara Goda and Tony Lee


AMHA President Mike Goebig commented, “I’m amazed every year how organized the convention is and all of the interesting forums that we have for a diverse group of attendees. I think this reflects on the local club support and the AMHA office staff.”


The week was filled with many ways for all in attendance to share knowledge and information, generously donate time and/or resources, govern our breed and association and help promote the Morgan breed to the public worldwide.


Meetings, Seminars, and Forums


The AMHA Board Members were first to tackle the business at hand with their full schedule of meetings, which were open to all, beginning on Monday and continuing throughout the week. Convention attendees started to arrive in earnest on Wednesday with a welcome reception hosted by the AMHA Directors held on Wednesday evening. Everyone enjoyed mingling while also discussing the stormy weather throughout the Midwest, New England and Mid-Atlantic states that had a strong impact on many of the approximately 300 people who were already pre-registered to attend the convention.


Many of those who were able to get to Atlanta eagerly boarded a bus on Thursday morning for a day at Mary and Charlie Brannon’s Willowick Farm. The clear but chilly morning began in a heated tent with a continental breakfast followed by an outdoor presentation of Willowick-trained horses including; Ultra T-Party, Willowick Mafia Princess, Everlast Black Cashmere, Willowick Center Stage, Briolette, HVK Top Drawer and Nemours Noble Elegance. Attendees also enjoyed an informative video and discussion on equine dentistry given by Eric Fenton. Jerry and Peggy Hutcheson welcomed everyone to their scenic Hidden Acres Farm, located next door to Willowick, for a luncheon barbecue. The afternoon at Willowick featured USEF Judges Mark Bodnar and Christina Mitchell giving tips on “Getting Ready For A Blue Ribbon Year” in various live demonstrations. The day put everyone into the mood for the show season ahead.



Mary and Charlie Brannon                      Jerry and Peggy Hutcheson


HVK Top Drawer                             Everlast Black Cashmere


The schedule for Friday and Saturday featured many choices for convention attendees. There were a myriad of topics of interest presented depending on your focus and viewpoint within the Morgan breed and industry. While moving from meeting to meeting, attendees visited with the many commercial exhibitors in the Morgan marketplace located in the Garden Court.


Morgan horse owner and author Lyniece Talmadge

enjoyed a great week in her hometown of Atlanta

 as she took some time for a book signing of

The Sweet Potato Cookbook for buyers

including Mari Sanderson.


Friday's meeting schedule included a daylong meeting of the AMHI Trustees under the leadership of President Richard Hawkins that covered a variety of current AMHI projects and committee reports. The current slate of AMHI Officers will continue on in 2007: Richard Hawkins, president; Susan Fu, vice president; Mark Staehnke, treasurer; and Sally Plumley as secretary. The following AMHI Trustees were re-elected and appointed for three year terms: Frederick Dills, Jack Gatewood, Richard Hawkins, Gaeton Lorino, Robert Morgan, Darwin Olson, Sally Plumley, Francis Pugh, Robin Rednor-Veghte and Jill Smith. They join other AMHI Trustees currently serving: Ellen DiBella, Susan Fu, Elaine Galatz, John Green, Kim Hildreth, Art Perry, Barbara Rudicel, Mona Skager, Meredith Sloan, Mark Staehnke, Jim Stewart and Ann Taylor. AMHI Trustee Kathie Horman was accepted as a Trustee Emeritus and was thanked for her tremendous service and generosity to the Institute.


The youth of the AMHA were also involved with a full schedule of events of their own under the direction of AMHAY President Amie Van Dorn. Other committee meetings/forums included; AMHA Youth Steering, AMHA Disciplines, AMHA Memberships/Clubs, AMHA Media Steering, AMHA Education, AMHA Marketing, AMHA Dressage, AMHA Hunter/Jumper, AMHA Carriage Driving and USEF Morgan Rules.


The seminars offered were very informative and wide-ranging. Each year a seminar is held on Morgan judging that prospective judges and anyone who shows in any discipline should attend. Cindy Mugnier, Karen Homer Brown and Harry Sebring gave a mini-clinic geared toward an understanding of the Morgan Judging Standards Manual and the USEF Rule Book. They also used a video presentation of guidelines for judging in most of the show ring disciplines.


There was a standing-room only crowd of horse show managers and show committee members as Fred and Christine Nava and Ray Ferro presented an informative daylong workshop on “Customizing Your Horse Show For Success”. The topics included basic horse show management, organizing for a profit, joining forces for success, defining your show to attract exhibitors and a USEF member services presentation by Lisa Owens of USEF.


Fred & Christine Nava and Ray Ferro


One of the main topics once again was marketing of the Morgan horse. Doug Emerson of was the main speaker on this topic with a trio of presentations on Saturday. He began with “Five Secrets Of Marketing Your Horse”, continued with “Framework of a Business Strategy” and concluded with a session on balancing work, rest and play in the horse business. Stephen Smith, Georgie Green and Barbara Goda also discussed their perspectives on marketing the Morgan breed through small breeding programs, training programs and clubs based on their diverse personal experiences.


The immensely popular Train The Trainer series returned with another series of discussions on all disciplines and areas of training. The audience listened to a fabulous group of knowledgeable professionals and asked some great questions as well. The panel included Sandy Sessink, Harry Sebring, David Earehart, Lyle Wick, Karen Homer Brown, Mark Bodnar, Chris Cassenti, Cheri Barber, John Goda III, Tricia Waclena, Ken Swanson and the Morrell family. The equine professionals in attendance also discussed some current issues and projects they are working on during Friday’s UPHA/AMHA Professionals Luncheon with Sandy Sessink presiding.


Harry Sebring, Mark Bodnar, Karen Homer Brown and Ken Swanson


Equitation, lessons and riding programs from introductory level to the show ring were frequently discussed. Sandy Sessink, Tricia Waclena, John Goda III and Chris Cassenti brought their expertise to these discussions. Marsha Shepard discussed winning strategies in dressing for success in the show ring. Taylor Vickers of Elite Modeling Agency used her expertise while discussing make-up and personal presentation in the show ring.


Breed type, color and breeding were as always popular topics of conversation. Presenters on these topics included Loretta Brown, Dr. Nena Winand and Dr. Edward Ray Wright. The topics of health and nutrition were presented by Dr. Martin W. Adams. The necessity of insurance was in the forefront with a seminar on liability insurance given by Bill Harris, while Bill Carrington focused on the many reasons for insuring horses.


Audience members will certainly remember a memorable discussion on some of the Morgan breed’s great show horses of the 1980s presented by Bill Carrington, Sandy Sessink and Diana Davidson. It led nicely into a breeder’s historical panel with Conky Price, Georgie Green and Barb Rudicel informing and entertaining the audience. Gary and Katz Jackson gave a lively presentation on cowboy mounted shooting with Morgans, featuring an introduction to this fast-growing sport and the training involved.


The youth are the future and the Morgan breed is very cognizant of this fact. In addition to the AMHAY meeting and activities, there were also seminars about youth programs, youth judging and youth of the year competitions with competition winners as well as youth leaders and members making the presentations. The youngsters also enjoyed a drawing lesson with Morgan artist Nancy Eidam. Marion Maybank, USEF Director of Collegiate Activities, spoke about NCAA equestrian programs, teams and scholarships available.


American Morgan Horse Institute Benefit Auction


The Kennesaw Ballroom was the site of Thursday evening's festivities. The room was well filled as convention attendees gathered for the 12th American Morgan Horse Institute Gala Auction and Reception on Feb. 15. Susie Fu worked her magic as auction chairman, while AMHI President Richard Hawkins was on hand to welcome the generous donors and bidders. Corcel Inc. served as the evening’s corporate sponsor for the second year in a row. Jim Brown, John Green and Art Perry took their places to spot the many bids in the well-filled room, while phone bids were also being fielded by Sally Plumley, Barb Rudicel and Sally Wadhams.


For the third year in a row, several items were also available for bidding on the Internet. Ace announcer Bill Carrington worked the crowd for their bids on more than 30 fabulous auction items. It was another memorable night for AMHI along with the many successful bidders and generous donors as over $45,000 was raised to benefit the educational mission of AMHI, including its strong scholarship program.

Auctioneer Bill Carrington and AMHI President Richard Hawkins

Corcel Inc.’s Mark Bodnar and David and Deborah Peteler


The success of the evening was due in large part to the generous donors, many who have contributed to the auction in each of its 12 years. The other important part of the equation is the strong response of the enthusiastic bidders. The Yum Kee Fu family once again graciously donated two of their amazing properties to the delight of many bidders as they earned the top two bids of the evening. A winning bid from Malcolm and Jill Smith topped the night as they purchased an exceptional vacation opportunity in Key West, Fla. Lynience Talmadge was the lucky winning bidder on an Oceanside vacation in La Jolla, Calif., on the second highest selling item of the evening. The auction also featured happy winning bidders on advertising space, artwork, equipment, vacations, jewelry and other rare finds.


The AMHI works hand in hand with the AMHA to promote the Morgan breed through its fundraising activities. Beside the Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show, this auction is AMHI's primary fundraiser for the year. The funds raised by AMHI over the last several years have sponsored activities, including youth programs, educational materials, judging seminars, improvements and maintenance of the headquarters and grounds in Shelburne, and the retirement of the Morgan Horse Complex mortgage.


AMHA General Membership Meeting and Election


The annual AMHA membership meeting was held on Friday afternoon. AMHA President Mike Goebig called the meeting to order and introduced the Convention Co-chairs, AMHA Board Members, AMHA staff, AMHA Youth Board Members, AMHA Directors Emeriti, AMHI Board Members and USEF President David O’Connor to the large crowd in attendance. Eileen Hunter then read the meeting notice and the minutes of the 2006 AMHA Annual Meeting were then accepted.        


Following the declaration of a quorum in the elections being held in Regions 1, 2, 9 and Director-At-Large, there was a call for any additional ballots. Following the collection of the additional ballots, the election was declared closed.


AMHA Vice President of Finance Harry Sebring was next on the podium to discuss AMHA's current financial status. Sebring stressed that prudent management practices continue to be the key to a strong financial position for AMHA. A handout was provided for all members with the preliminary and tentative audit as of Nov. 30, 2006. The complete 2006 audit will be available at the May AMHA Board meeting. Sebring was also asked by a member the current costs of the Painter lawsuit. Sebring responded that the total costs are now in excess of $33,000 with AMHA’s current out of pocket costs at over $24,000. In her report, AMHA Bylaws Committee Chair Linnea Sidi stated that there are no current changes to the bylaws.


President Goebig went on to welcome everyone and thank the past and present AMHA Boards and officers, staff and committee members. In his statement, Goebig went on to discuss the many accomplishments of the Morgan breed and AMHA in the past year. He praised the Morgan presentation at the World Equestrian Games in Achen, Germany by Santa Fe Renegade and Eitan Beth-Halachmy and the warm reception that was given to the Morgan horse from people around the world.


Goebig went on to discuss the expanded promotional advertising that AMHA has been able to do thanks to the proceeds of the Stallion Service Auction. The Morgan breed has also been able to gain on its market share as registrations and membership both showed growth in 2006. Plans are also moving ahead to bring the AMHA Registry online.


The May 2007 AMHA meeting will include a session on strategic planning for breed promotion. Goebig thanked the members of Region 4, volunteers, staff and co-chairs Tony Lee and Barb Goda for a great week in Atlanta. He also announced that the 2008 AMHA Convention will be held in Minneapolis, Minn.


President Goebig then thanked Guy Brown for his work on behalf of AMHA as Interim Executive Director. After an extensive search conducted by Jim Harlan and MJM Global Search, Goebig proudly introduced Julie Broadway as the new AMHA Executive Director.


AMHA President Mike Goebig 
and Julie Broadway, new AMHA Executive Director


“The Board Of Directors is very excited about this position being filled by such a qualified individual. We all look forward to working with Julie,” Goebig enthused.


Goebig then took questions from the floor from the membership. At this time AMHA legal counsel Kevin Maynard informed the membership that AMHA member Diana Kline of Missouri has filed legal action in Vermont concerning the AMHA’s election procedural process. Following the completion of the questions from the floor, it was announced that the meeting was going to be adjourned while the final votes were being tabulated. It was then announced that the meeting would reconvene Saturday at 8:30 a.m. for the announcement of the election results.


When President Goebig reconvened the meeting, he called on the AMHA Tabulating Agent from Amplitude Research to announce the results of the election. He announced that Cindy Mugnier and Sara Foy – Region 1, Mike Goebig and Kathy Newcomb – Region 2, Linnea Sidi – Region 9, and Bill Pettis – Director-At-Large had been elected by the membership of AMHA. Following a strong ovation from the members in attendance, the meeting was then adjourned.


The AMHA Board of Directors Reorganizational Meeting followed. The AMHA Board Of Directors then re-elected Mike Goebig as president.


The Executive Committee was then named: Mike Goebig (president), Cindy Mugnier (eastern vice-president), Tony Lee (central vice-president) Georgie Green (western vice-president), Harry Sebring (vice-president of finance) and Sherry Cole (immediate past president).


The following standing committee chairs were named along with their committees. Finance Committee Chair: Harry Sebring, Committee: Barbara Hewitt, Sherry Cole, Bill Pettis and Loretta Brown. Registry Committee Chair: Tony Lee, Committee: Mike Goebig, Georgie Green, Ling Fu Wylie and Kathy Newcomb. Bylaws Committee Chair: Linnea Sidi, Committee: Cindy Mugnier, Judy Kjellander, Ling Fu Wylie and Carol Fletcher-Churchill. IT Committee Chair: Kathy Newcomb, Committee: Ed Creighton, Sara Foy, Carol Fletcher-Churchill and Marjorie Hazelwood. Goebig also named the chairs of the other numerous working committees. Members interested on serving on any of the working committees are encouraged to contact the committee chairs.


Grand National Forum


The Grand National Show Committee followed up their most recent January meeting with a progress report on the 2007 show at the convention. 2007 Show Chair Tony Lee and Show Manager Fred Nava were on hand to discuss the show with interested audience members. Also on hand were Grand National committee members Barb Rudicel, Jim Stewart, Georgie Green, George Arnold and Sally Plumley along with AMHI Development Officer Sally Wadhams. The show will be held on Oct. 6-13, 2007.


Tony Lee welcomed the audience and invited everyone to what will be “a brand new show” in 2007. He reported that one of the new aspects of the show is going to be the super-barn currently under construction that will replace the former barns 1 and 2. Lee was also pleased to introduce “the most exciting addition” new Grand National Show Manager Fred Nava.


Nava thanked the show committee and told the audience how excited he is about his new position. Nava reported on his recent trip to the OKC Fairgrounds where “the construction and renovations are coming right along”. He addressed the footing that will be going back to its original consistency, a comment that drew applause from the audience. He also spoke about a new food concession area and a party area in barn 3. Nava concluded by adding, “We are all going to forge ahead to make this the best show possible.”


He turned the microphone over to Jim Stewart who addressed the stalls and stabling. Stewart noted that those who were stabled in barns 1 and 2 will be given stalls as close to their original stabling location as possible. Stewart reported that the new warm-up ring in the super-barn will be much larger than the previous ring and will be turned sideways to feed right into the chute to the coliseum. Stall assignments will be made in time for early stabling available on Sept. 30. He also reported that some new camper areas will be available behind barns 6, 7 and 8. The parking areas are yet to be determined as construction projects continue.


Georgie Green announced the changes in this year's prize list. The schedule will include preliminaries as well as finals in the Two-Year-Old and Three-Year-Old Pleasure Driving World Futurities. If there are not enough entries (17 or more) to necessitate a split, the finals will be held where the preliminary is scheduled to try to help eliminate some of the confusion in past years. Green also went on to discuss the popularity of the amateur masters classes and the camaraderie of the exhibitors. There were some comments from the audience about the newly formed division, representing some negative but mostly positive feedback. Green also explained the qualification requirements for the amateur, amateur masters, ladies, and ladies amateur classes. Green also said that in response to exhibitors, world championships have been added in the walk-trot section for the English, classic, western and hunter pleasure divisions. She also added that the open pleasure driving qualifiers have gone back to being split by sex, with a class each for stallions, geldings and mares.


Barb Rudicel gave an update on the World Futurity and proudly announced that the program awarded over $240,000 in 2006 with hopes of going over the $250,000 mark in 2007. She spoke about the great results from partnering with the AMHA Stallion Service Auction with 40 percent of the profits going to the World Futurity. She also mentioned the $10,000 bonus that will be offered to resulting offspring of SSA/WF Auction purchased stallion services. Rudicel closed by congratulating and thanking everyone for their great support of the World Futurity.


In his closing statement, Fred Nava discussed the camaraderie he hopes will be a theme of the show and that he welcomes input from everyone.


AMHA Awards Banquet and Luncheon


The AMHA Annual Awards Banquet and Luncheon took place on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon respectively in the Habersham and Kennesaw Ballrooms. The events were chaired by Carol Fletcher-Churchill and Phyllis Shopbell and featured large turnouts. Conky Price lent her unique style and humor as master of ceremonies for Friday evening’s banquet.


Following an invocation by AMHA Interim Executive Director Guy Brown, the current AMHA Directors were introduced to a warm round of applause. Georgie Green had the privilege of introducing many past AMHA directors who were warmly welcomed at a reception given in their honor prior to the banquet. Green also introduced the evening’s guest speaker USEF President David O’Connor. In addition to giving the audience an informative look at his job and his equestrian background, O’Connor took time honor the USEF Inaugural Youth Sportsman’s Charter Award recipient Catilin Novotny.


Numerous recognition awards and special presentations were bestowed. The following each received a certificate of appreciation; Convention co-chairs Barbara Goda and Tony Lee, 2006 Grand National chair Elaine Galatz, Ann Hailey for her assistance with the AMHA Finance Committee, Lyniece Talmadge for hosting a “Southern Welcome Dinner”, Jerry Hutcheson for hosting a barbecue and his support of the live horse clinic and Mary Brannon for hosting and supporting the live horse clinic.


Each year, the AMHA Awards Committee has the difficult task of selecting the most deserving individuals in the Morgan breed to receive the most prestigious recognition AMHA can give. The individuals honored have been very successful in promoting Morgans and are very deserving of the awards they received. In addition to giving each individual the full recognition they deserve, memories of some great Morgan history and stories were heard along the way.


A pair of equine award winners were selected as Nekomia Moro was honored by AMHA as Program Owned Therapy Horse of the Year while Rohan Ithilien was chosen as Individually Owned Therapy Horse of the Year.


The evening continued with 17 prestigious award winners; Scott Monroe-International Award; Cindy Mugnier-Cecil Brown Sportsmanship Award; Tim and Jean Arcuri, David Earehart, Tim and Jane Morrell, and Jean Sauer-AMHA Golden Reins Award; Caitlin Novotny–AMHA Youth Member Of The Year; Gayle Singer-AMHA Youth Person of the Year; Tony Lee-AMHA Man of the Year; Chris Cassenti-AMHA Woman of the Year; Larry Bolen and Robert Burger, Mona Skager and Woodrow Sr. and Vivian Henry-Hall of Fame; Cheri Barber, Rolland and Joan Bowers, Carol Hudson, and Philip and Jennifer Dubois-AMHA Breeder's Hall of Fame. (Please see the award speeches in their entirety in a separate news item.)


AMHA Woman Of The Year Chris Cassenti and husband Larry

braved the week’s snowstorm in Massachusetts

 to make their way to Atlanta for a memorable weekend.


The festivities continued on Saturday afternoon with John Green and Christina Mitchell sharing the honors as master of ceremonies. The awards ceremony featured many Morgan owners and enthusiasts across the country who work very hard on behalf of the Morgan horse. These individuals have been very successful in promoting Morgans and are very deserving of these awards.


Numerous recognition awards and special presentations were bestowed. The AMHA Board Of Directors, including those newly elected following the long awaited results announced hours earlier, were introduced to the audience. The AMHA Outgoing Directors Awards were presented to Eileen Hunter, Mary Jean Vasiloff and Robert Painter. Eileen Hunter who had been named Director Emeriti at Wednesday’s board meeting was on hand as she received a large ovation for her time, expertise and dedication in her years of service.


Outgoing AMHA Director Eileen Hunter was honored

 for her years of service and dedication to AMHA.


Numerous club and club newsletter awards were also given out to the Florida Morgan Horse Association, Mississippi Valley Morgan Club, North Central Morgan Horse Association, Georgia Morgan Horse Club, Rainbow Morgan Horse Association and Western Working Family Morgan Club. AMHA Master's Certificates for devotion to the Morgan breed for individuals over the age of 60 were presented to a pair of tireless promoters from the state of Florida, Alicia Davis and Chuck Hudson.


Florida Morgan Horse Association President Nina Spencer
accepted one of the many club awards that
were presented at the AMHA Luncheon.


KAM Flash Fire, LCS Ice Princess, Bethesda Horus, Rosehollow Rainbow’s End and Veronica Crawley, Cedarvale Solstice, FCL Just A Miracle and Rebecca Jones, Kennebec Ladyhawke, Senator Sharcoal, Canequin Reachforthestars and Watch Me Till Dawn were all honored with AMHA Open Competition Awards. The highest honor in the AMHA Youth Horsemastership Program is the Justin Morgan Award. Diana Boyce and Amie Van Dorn recently achieved this honor and were congratulated on their dedication and commitment.


AMHAY President Amie Van Dorn attained the Justin Morgan Award,

the culmination of the AMHA Youth Horsemastership Program.


AMHA honored Janet Barber, Larry Bolen, Jim Havelhurst, Sally Lindabury and Garn Walker with 25-year judges awards. AMHA also recognized several members who recently earned USEF awards for their service and contributions to the horse world. USEF Youth Sportsman’s Charter Award winner Caitlin Novotny, Ellen Scripps Davis Memorial Breeder’s Award winners John Scheidt and Don Spear, Walter B. Devereux Sportsmanship Trophy winner Georgie Green and Bill Robinson Trophy winner Judy Whitney Harris received a round of applause. Kate Foy was also recognized as the AMHA representative to the USEF Youth Council.


The five 2006 AMHA Gold Medal Winners were recognized western seat – Alyssa Rumsey, Saddle Seat – Ariana Corrigan, hunter seat on the flat – Alyssa Wick, dressage seat – Monica Yarbrough and hunter seat over fences – Hillary Wiles-Lafayette. Region 3 once again earned the honor as the Grand National High Point Region and earned the trophy sponsored by the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce. In closing, a video representing some of the winning moments from the 2006 Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show was shown.


Karen Homer Brown, Guy Brown, Sherry Cole,

 Barb Rudicel, Gayle Singer and Ed Creighton were on hand

to accept the award for Region 3.


AMHA Stallion Service Auction and Party


On Saturday evening, the AMHA/World Futurity Stallion Service Auction took center stage to close out the week on a high note. The bidding for the amazing lineup of over 70 stallions kicked off online on Dec. 1, 2006, and concluded on Feb. 16, 2007. At that time the top 10 stallions went forward to the final round of live bidding on Feb. 17 in the Kennesaw Ballroom at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel.


The room was filled with anticipation as the crowd enjoyed the pre-auction party as well as some magical entertainment provided by “Howie The Great”. When the clock struck 7:30 p.m., it was lights, cameras and action! It was time for the eagerly anticipated AMHA/World Futurity Stallion Service Auction chaired by Tony Lee and Barb Rudicel. Auctioneer Bill Carrington presided over the fast paced action with Mike Goebig reading pedigrees. Carrington explained the rules of the auction and began the live auction.


The top 10 stallions were auctioned off with live bids from those in attendance as well as the cell phones that were pressed to the ears of many working the auction for AMHA and those bidding for others not in attendance. When the evening was finished, over $150,000 was raised on the 10 services sold that night and those that had been sold online. This impressive total (less expenses) will go toward the AMHA Marketing Committee’s promotion of the Morgan horse (40 percent), the World Morgan Futurity for distribution to 2007 first-place winners sired by stallions whose services were in the 2007 AMHA Stallion Service Auction (40 percent), and the 10 AMHA Regionals (20 percent).


The top 10 stallions, winning bidders and bids were And The Beat Goes On (Ann Hailey) $10,000, Mizrahi (William Dodds) $5,600, HVK Bell Flaire (Sally Sliman) $5,600, Minion Millennium (Jean Beckman) $4,600, Tug Hill Whamunition (Kourt Jester Morgans) $4,500, Stand And Deliver (Susan Overstreet) $4,000, El-Toro (Jim Dodson) $4,000, Astronomicallee (John Aubin) $3,700, Beethoven (Jay Kleiber) $3,125 and Cartier (RCV Morgans) $2,800. In addition to the stallion services, bidding for a chance to be featured on the cover of the December 2007 Morgan Horse Magazine was spirited as always with Robert Morgan once again making the top bid of $6,000 for the great promotional opportunity.


As the curtain closed on the 2007 AMHA Annual Convention, we must look ahead and realize that all facets of our diverse membership must work together on behalf of the Morgan horse. It is our duty to protect and promote the Morgan to ensure its future. The Morgan: A Passion That Lasts A Lifetime.        


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