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American Saddlebred Registry Makes Rule And Policy Changes

LEXINGTON, KY--At the October 30, 2013 meeting of the American Saddlebred Registry (ASR) Board of Directors, the Board approved the following rule and policy changes.  Note: the approved new language is in bold italicized text.  A complete list of all ASR Rules and Regulations are available on our website at, Registry, Governance.
Changes effective November 1, 2013



2. If jointly registered, e.g., “Mr. AND Mrs. Smith,” the signatures of BOTH owners (or their authorized agent(s)) are required. If jointly registered as “Mr. and/or Mrs. Smith” or “Mr. or Mrs. Smith,” then the signature of ONLY ONE of the owners (or owner’s authorized agent(s)) is required for transfer to an unrelated third party.  However, if the transfer is to a party related to either of the joint owners or if the transfer is to one of the joint owners, then the signature(s) of all recorded owners being removed (or their authorized agent(s)) are required.  For the purposes of transfer of ownership, “related” is defined as: a transferee (buyer) shall be considered a party related to a joint owner (seller) if the buyer is an entity in which the seller has an ownership interest; or the buyer is an entity that the seller has signature authority for pursuant to a Statement of Signature Authority form filed with the Registry.


Any person committing or aiding in the commission of any of the following acts or incurring the following conviction or penalty shall be in violation of the rules of the Registry:

d. Knowingly withholding a Breeder’s Certificate or a Stallion Service Report when the stallion service fee has been paid or knowingly withholding a transfer certificate from the legal owner of a horse;

For any Application for Registration still pending in the Registry office after 12 months of the foaling date, four current color photographs, showing both sides, front and rear, must be submitted to the Registry before the foal will be registered.  (A 30 day grace period from the effective date of November 1, 2013 may be approved by the Registry)

Changes effective January 1, 2014


Each time a written statement of revocation of the signature authority for an entity is filed, such statement must be accompanied by a “Certificate of Service” form (in the form prescribed by the Registry), signed by all of the grantor(s) or their heirs or assigns.  Authority to sign on behalf of an entity may be granted retroactively, but may not be cancelled retroactively.  Effective January 1, 2014, the Registry may only process transactions for entities with an updated Statement of Signature Authority form on file that contains a signed grantor(s) of signature authority signature block.


5. The Certificate may be terminated by the recorded owner at any time by notifying the Registry office and the person designated on the Certificate, in writing, stating that the Certificate is void as of a specified future date.  Otherwise, Certificates of Eligibility to Show expire on November 30th, the last day of the U.S. Equestrian Federation competition year, and a new application form and fee must be submitted to the Registry to be effective for the next U.S. Equestrian Federation competition year.


Conditional registrations are valid for twelve months. ASR will not record any further transactions concerning this animal as long as the registration is conditional.  A $50 reactivation fee may be charged for conditional registrations where the DNA kit and hair sample are submitted to the DNA testing lab more than twelve months after the conditional registration is issued.

Name Reservation (for 12 months)        $50.00
Reactivation fee                                    $50.00
(For transfers & registrations that have been cancelled or withdrawn and the owner wishes to reactivate the transaction)
Processing Fee to be retained by ASR when a transaction is cancelled within 12 months of receipt of form and fees                                  $25.00
For more information, contact:

Lisa Duncan, Registrar
American Saddlebred Registry
4083 Iron Works Parkway
Lexington, KY  40511


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