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American Saddlebred Registry Board meets, elects officers


Lexington, Kentucky ­– Meeting by teleconference, the 2006 directors of the American Saddlebred Registry elected officers on Monday, March 13.  The nine directors are Joan Hamilton (Kentucky), David Howard (Tennessee), Dr. Rick Luft (Wisconsin), Spencer Mains (North Carolina), Mary Ann Pardieck (Indiana), Dr. Alan Raun (Iowa), Jim Ruwoldt (Georgia), Fred Sarver (Kentucky), and Anne Stafford (Tennessee).


With extended discussion on each position, the following were elected unanimously:  Fred Sarver as president, Joan Hamilton as vice president, Spencer Mains as secretary, and Dr. Rick Luft as treasurer.  None of the newly-elected officers except Sarver serves as either an officer or director of the American Saddlebred Horse Association, the Registry’s companion corporation.


“We’ve taken a further step this year in the evolution of the governance of our breed,” commented Sarver.  “We determined last April that each year we ought to try to develop more diversity in the leadership of the two organizations, and I fully expected that I would not serve again as president of the Registry.  However, because others declined to take on that responsibility this year, I agreed to serve again.  But I made it clear that since my remaining time on the ASHA board is term-limited, my succession on both boards needs to begin soon, and I don’t anticipate serving as an officer of the Registry again next year.  We are very fortunate to have people with the experience and commitment of Spencer Mains and Dr. Luft joining the leadership group this year, along with Joan Hamilton, who also served last year as vice president.”


Newly-elected directors of the Registry for 2006 are Jim Ruwoldt and Anne Stafford.  David Howard served in 2005 as treasurer and stepped down from that position this year, although he remains a director.


The directors of the Registry are expected to next meet during the Tattersall’s sale in mid-April in Lexington, Kentucky.


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