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2006 American Saddlebred Horse Association – Points of Emphasis


The Standards and Rules Committee of the ASHA invites the particular consideration and attention of all competitors, officials and managements to the following United States Equestrian Federation rules (paraphrased).  

USEF Rule Reference -    Description
GR 1122-2  -  Availability of Judges Evaluation Forms is to be announced at least once during each session.

GR 1041.8-9  -  It is the responsibility of the judges to excuse from the ring unruly horses and riders/drivers who are behaving inappropriately.

GR 4045  -  Gingering horses is not allowed in the show ring.

SB 102.2  -  Carrying a crooked tail is to be penalized.

SB 103.3  -  Horses with unset tails may show in any class.

SB 102.2/105  -  Any horse stripped or in a harness or in-hand class that shows an extremely low back must be severely penalized.

SB 107.1  -  When line-up is called, exhibitors continue around the ring in a clockwise direction to the line-up.

SB 108  -  CLASS SPECIFICATIONS:  There is a difference in the way classes are to be judged, particularly among Ladies, Junior Exhibitors and Amateur classes.

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