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American Royal Horseperson Of The Year

For the past 28 years, Chuck Herbert has been training American Saddlebred and Hackney ponies professionally. In 1979, after graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Veterinary Technology, Chuck established Cedarwood Farm in Evansville, Indiana with his wife, Nancy, and sister Shelley Mehling. Over the next twenty-five years, they developed twenty-five World and Reserve World Champions.

In 2001, with the passing of business partner and sister, Shelley Mehling, Chuck continued the tradition of Cedarwood Farm with the help of wife, Nancy, and Instructor/Trainer Lisa Salomon Uhde. Together they have developed two World Champions, five Reserve World Champions, a UPHA Classics Champion, and an AHHS National Champion.

In 1993, Chuck became involved with the UPHA serving as the Chapter 11 Chairman. He has since served as 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President, and in 2000-01 President of the UPHA. Chuck had a vision of a National Horse Show, created and sponsored by UPHA. Although the UPHA and the American Royal had been associated through the Classic Championships and UPHA Challenge Cups the relationship between the two organizations had been somewhat strained. The journey towards a joint venture began during the 2000 American Royal. Chuck called a meeting of the owners, exhibitors and management of the American Royal to discuss problems with the horse show and ways to better improve these concerns. This meeting sparked several subsequent meetings, which led to the formation of a committee with representatives from the American Royal and the UPHA. After many hours of hard work and negotiation a deal was struck. In 2001 Chuck’s vision was recognized when the UPHA and the American Royal National Horse Show. At the 2002 show, Chuck and his colleagues were in center ring to welcome and celebrate the UPHA’s own National Championship Horse Show. In recognition of his leadership, the Horse Show Committee, the American Royal, and the Missouri and Kansas Exhibitors are proud to honor Chuck Herbert as the American Royal 2004 Horseman of the Year.

Editor’s Note: This speech has been reprinted from the 2004 UPHA American Royal National Championship program.

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