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American Morgan Horse Association Changes Governance System

For the entirety of its existence, the AMHA has operated under a system of governance best compared with the House of Representatives; that is, the geographic regions with more AMHA members have had more seats available to them on the Board of Directors. After thorough discussion and overwhelming support in the form of membership votes, the 2016 annual AMHA meeting resulted in the approval of a new model of governance. 

Starting in 2017, the AMHA will be utilizing a “senatorial” model whereby the country will be divided into three regions: Eastern, Central, and Western. Each region will vote into place three regional representatives. Directors-at-large will no longer play a role in AMHA governance. 

This change comes as a result of a few changing trends. AMHA membership, as well as equine ownership, numbers have dropped over the last few years. As a result, some regional director positions have remained vacant due to a lack of candidates. The current board will continue to operate under the original form of governance until the AMHA annual meeting next year. 

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