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All American Cup Stallion Review Youth Discount

The All American Cup has added more "underwriters and sponsors." The All American Cup can now provide a 25% discount to any student, age 18 or under, who would like to attend the All American Cup Stallion Review on Saturday, Jan 23, 2010.

In lieu of $40, any student may make reservations for only $29. The deadline is Sat Jan 16, 2010. Every student making reservations will be eligible to:

1. Meet, get autographs, and picture taken with legendary Trainers Don Harris and Mitch Clark

2. Ride the AAC Luxury coaches and listen to stories about Imperator and Sky Watch

3. Visit three famous farms-Sunrise, Copper Coin, and Alliance Stud--see 28 great stallions -up close and personal!

4.  Attend a Seminar by world renowned Veterinarian Dr Scott Bennett on Equine Reproduction

5. Have their name in a drawing for a $2500 youth scholarship provided by Oz Mutz and some other guy

6. Have their name in a drawing for a custom painting of the animal of the winners choice by Andy Hartmeyer Johns.  This painting will have a value in excess of $3000.

7. Have the time of your life and make a memory never to be forgotten

The All American Cup cares  about our youth! All of the above for only $29. Please contact Jim Aikman at 317-862-4341 or Reservation forms on  

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