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All American Cup Stallion Review and Auction

The All American Cup (AAC) just completed its 7th year and is established as the largest paying event in the history of the American Saddlebred horse. The AAC is being embraced as never before. $156,000 was paid out in 2010 in the All American Three Year Old Cup with $48,000 to the Champion. $125,830 was paid out in 2010 in the All American Weanling Cup with $38,040 going to the Champion.

There is no entry fee in the AAC! There are now over 600 eligible animals in the AAC and listed on our web site People are buying the AAC young animals who are eligible to the AAC because of the huge pay-outs.

We try so very hard to help our Saddlebred breeders and hope you can help us spread the word. If we are successful it will help the business dramatically for the "media", trainers, and everyone involved with this grand horse.

Mark your Calendar to attend the All American Cup Stallion Review and Auction—Saturday Jan. 22, 2011.

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