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All American Cup offers 170 Premier Stallions

The All American cup is currently the largest paying competition in the history of the American Saddlebred. It is conservatively estimated that the total purse for the All American Cup will be near one quarter of a million dollars.

The first All American Weanling Cup awarded a record purse of $70,112 to the winner.

The offspring from all stallion service donors and buyers will be eligible for the All American Three-Year-Old Three-Gaited Cup, and the All American Weanling Cup, both of which will be annual events. Offspring from the 2003 All American Cup Stallion Service Auction are eligible to compete in the 2005 All American Yearling Cup which will be held only once.

All entries must be the resulting foals from stallion services purchased at the All American Cup Auction, which will be held Jan. 22, 2005.

The first All American Cup Three-Year-Old Three-Gaited Cup will be held in 2008 when foals from the 2004 auction reach the age of three.

A special bonus prize, known as the Aikman Breeders Incentive Award, will be presented to the entry tying first or second as a weanling and then first or second in the All American Three-Gaited Cup.

The All American Three-Year-Old Three-Gaited Cup entry may: a.) be a stallion, mare or gelding; b.) show with or without a trimmed mane; c.) show with or without a set tail; d.) be shown by an amateur or a professional.

The entries will be shown with a full bridle and will be shown at three gaits, as specified in the USEF Rule Book.

Based on estimated revenue of $250,000, the All American Three-Year-Old Three-Gaited Cup and the All American Weanling Cup are estimated to each have a purse exceeding $160,000.

All divisions of the All American Cup will be held each year at the All American Horse Classic at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The next All American Cup Auction will take place Jan. 22, 2005 at Claudia Sanders Restaurant in Shelbyville, Ky. The cash bar and special features begin at 4 p.m. The buffet begins at 5 p.m. and the auction begins at 6 p.m. Do Not Be Late.

Come early, visit the farms, see many stallions and be at the All American Cup Auction at 4 p.m.

For more information, contact Jim Aikman; 8949 Baker Road; Indianapolis, Ind., or call 317-862-4341. Or email Steve Kildow at [email protected] More information can be found at

The following is a list of the stallion services being sold at the 2005 All American Cup Auction. Eligible offspring from the services purchased at this auction may participate in the 2006 All American Weanling Cup and the 2009 All American Three-Year-Old Three-Gaited Cup.

Adriatic, donated by: Linda Weber/Hawkewood

Aficionado, donated by: Stella Plumber

American Replay, donated by: Bruce and Rusty Rademann

America's Baywatch, donated by: Cliff Summers

America's Genius, donated by: Joan Schilke

Attache's Dream Weaver, donated by: Sug Utz

Attache's Liquid Asset, donated by: Sharon Vuinovich

Attache's Royal Assets, donated by: Dickey Davis

Attache's Thunderbolt, donated by:, donated by: Willowbank Farm

Avant, donated by: Don Deardorff

Bailey's and Coffee, donated by: Chappy Chapman

Basquiat, donated by: Dr. Pam Boyers

Belle Reve's Renaissance Man, donated by: Belle Reve Farm/Alliance Stud

Belle Reve's Voodoo Magic, donated by: Marcy Lafferty/Willowbank Farm

Bi Mi World Premier, donated by: Barbara Von Borries

Call Me Ringo, donated by: Belle Reve Farm/Alliance Stud

Call To Command, donated by: Pat Last

Callaway's Extra Extra, donated by: Lewis Meadows

Callaway's Northern Kiss, donated by: Terry Honaker/Leatherwood Stud

Callaway's Wish Me Will, donated by: Callaway Hills/Leatherwood Stud

Castle Bravo, donated by: Mitchell Clark

Catalyst, donated by: Richard Kearney

CF First Night Out, donated by: Blythewood Farms, LLC

CF I'm A Prowlin, donated by: Carol Whittaker/Willowbank Farm

Chardonnay's Sundance, donated by: Chardonnay Farms

Clover Hill's In Command, donated by: Clover Hill Farm

Clover Hill's Lighting Bolt, donated by: Clover Hill Farm

Clover Hill's Magic Dragon, donated by: Clover Hill Farm

Commander In Charge, donated by: Ruxer Farms

Con Heir, donated by: Clover Hill Farm

County Treasure, donated by: Reedannland

Dakota Thunder, donated by: Angela Lee

Deep Blue, donated by: Fox Grape Farm/Copper Coin Farm

Desert's Supreme Memories, donated by: Roberta Rassieur/Virgil Helm

Designed, donated by: Red Wing Farm

Djinn's Lucky Spirit, donated by: David Mountjoy

Don't Worry, donated by: Brian Reimer

Dorian Warrior Song (S.A.), donated by: William Blacklaw

Dorian Wild Temper (S.A.), donated by: Fox Grape Farm/Copper Coin Farm

Eldorado's Stonewall Jackson, donated by: Pyramid Land Development

Everything Will, donated by: Spencer Mains

Exalted Effect, donated by: Elisabeth Goth

F. M. Cavalier, donated by: Bruce and Rusty Rademann

Fascinating Rhythm SLS, donated by: Linda Fischer Wheeler

Finally Attached, donated by: Willowbank Farm

First Night In, donated by: Julia Patton/Margaret Barnhiser

Formal Contract, donated by: Clarke Vesty

Forty Second St ERB, donated by: Emerald View Stable

Forty Third Street, donated by: Mary Hoff

Fox Creek , donated by:Joan Dulworth

Freaky Links, donated by: Emily Hess/Matt Shiflet

General Steel, donated by: Gil Romito/Alliance Stud

Giovanni Villani, donated by: John Lenore

Good Timen' Man, donated by: Richard Kearney

Great Day's Came the Son, donated by: Rosalind Fitzpatrick/Pat McConnell

Gypsy Santana, donated by: James Stewart

Harlem Globemaster, donated by: Edmund Perwien

Harlem Globetrotter, donated by: Kalarama Farm

Harlem Superior, donated by: Kalarama Farm

Harlem's Black Diamond, donated by: Legacy Farm

Harlem's Friendly Conversation, donated by: Marion Hutcheson

Harlem's Supreme Commander, donated by: Benjamin Graber

Heir to Champagne, donated by: James Orr

Heirogance and Attitudes, donated by: Jacklyn M. Stread Trust/Bob Battaglia

Hide-A-Way's Stand By Me, donated by: Mark and Becky Elkins

I Gotta Go, donated by: John Oder

I'm A New Yorker, donated by: George and Linda Nash/Leatherwood Stud

I'm The Prince, donated by: Marion Hutcheson

It's Double O'Deuce, donated by: Sherry Frankel-Deal

It's Hammertime, donated by: Tony Diamond

Joe Fabulous, donated by: Spencer Mains

Jon Bugatti, donated by: Parkerview Farm

Kalarama Cabarnet, donated by: Kalarama Farm

Kalarama's All Time High, donated by: Kenny Catron

Kalarama's Spanish Dancer, donated by: Gwen and Jodi Higdon

Knit To Fit, donated by: Paul Cates

Leatherwood Starlight, donated by: Leatherwood Farm/Fred Sarver

Lestat, donated by: Dr. Bing Crosby

Let's Tango All Night, donated by: Parkerview Farm

Madeira's Denmark, donated by: Albert Alexander

Man of York, donated by: Tom Lee

Manhattan Design, donated by: Herbert and Stacey Headwell/Alliance Stud

Memories Are Made of This, donated by: George and Marilyn Benson/Virgil Helm

Merchant Prince, donated by: Marion Hutcheson

Midnight Cappo'cino, donated by: Mike and Sammy Lancia

MJB Highland Dance, donated by: Marjorie Berendt

Molligny Don't Worry Be Happy (S.A.), donated by: Bob Lilly/Alliance Stud

Monaco, donated by: Amy Haller

My Magical Moment, donated by: Stonecroft Farm/Alliance Stud

New York Royale, donated by: George and Linda Nash

New York State, donated by: Victoria McDonald/Bib Jones

Night of Roses , donated by:Clarke Vesty

Nip's Skyboy, donated by: Bill and Scherry Baumann

Noble Viking, donated by: Armon Effinger

Nocturnal, donated by: Stonecroft Farm/Alliance Stud

Northern Blues, donated by: David and Mary Ann Jackson/Wes Bowling

Nureyev, donated by: Fish N Fun Farm/Leatherwood Stud

Oceanfront, donated by: Tom Galbreath/Alliance Stud

Ocean's Roar, donated by: Carl T. Fischer Jr.

Only Man in Town, donated by: Robert Lilley/Alliance Stud

Oscar De La Renta, donated by: Linda Stone

Our Charm, donated by: John and Nancy Jones

Pat Shriver, donated by: Frank and Kathleen Scopetti

Pentagon, donated by: Dr. Bing Crosby

Periaptor, donated by: Loose Family Trust/Kings Row

Periaptus Infinitus, donated by: Pete Galanos/Chardonnay Farm

Periaptus Maximus, donated by: Pete Galanos/Chardonnay Farm

Phi Slama Jama, donated by: Reedannland

Phlags Phlying, donated by: Reedannland

Phoenix Hills Storm Watch, donated by: Lorraine Hill

Powerful Charm, donated by: Wyatt DeHart

Promise Keeper, donated by: A.E. Nelson/Copper Coin Farm

Raggity James of Ohio, donated by: Dr. Bing Crosby

Ramona's Hale Bopp, donated by:Ramona Whipps/Darrel Sibbett

Reedann's Phire One, donated by: Elvin Zimmerman

Reedann's Top Gun, donated by: Reedannland

Reminiscent M.H.M., donated by: Barry Stumbo

Revival, donated by: Belle Reve Farm/Alliance Stud

Rifles and Roses, donated by: Danette Musselman/Alliance Stud

Royal Crest Rock Slide, donated by: Bruce and Rusty Rademann

Rubies and Roses, donated by: Jerry Mayes

Santana's Charm, donated by: Parkerview Farm

Santana's Tropical Heat Wave, donated by: Julie Spanbauer/Lance Hayes

Seaheart, donated by: Bruce and Rusty Rademann

Select Stock, donated by: Select Few, Inc.

Sharp Believer, donated by: Sharla Deuschle

Shoobop Shoobop, donated by: Edmund Perwien

Simbara's Rising Son, donated by: Elmo Greer

Simply Majestic, donated by: Jonelle Chovanec/Scott Matton

Sir William Robert, donated by: Tom Galbreath/Double D Ranch

Sir York, donated by: John Wallen

Slam Dunk H.G., donated by: Cardinal Farms

So Enchanting, donated by: Terry and Lucille Getz

Star Material, donated by: Larry Hartsock

Sultan's Great Day, donated by: Belle Reve Farm/Battaglia Farm

Sultan's Riddler SCR, donated by: John Wallen

Sultan's Royalty, donated by: Ruxer Farms

Sunday Sultan, donated by: Julee O'Reilly

Superior's Successor, donated by: Joan Hammond

Supremacy's High Time, donated by: Pam Specht

Supreme Delivery, donated by: Sam and Ann Pratt/Willowbank Farm

Tango's Party Kiss, donated by: Jerry Mayes

Testament, donated by: Burden-Schilling

The Cheetah, donated by: Lance Hayes and Mike Bletsoe

The Foxx Man, donated by: Michael Neal

The Harlem Renaissance, donated by: Fish N Fun Farm

The Haitian Prince, donated by: R Farm

The Irish Connection, donated by: Sue Nifong

The Jewel Maker, donated by: Kenny Catron

The King of Highpoint, donated by: John and Nancy Jones/Alliance Stud

The Last Don, donated by: Joe Russell

The Licorice Drop Kid, donated by: Tom Lee

The Mac Attack, donated by: Bret and Susi Day/Willowbank Farm

The Manipulator, donated by: Sheila Fisher/Sherry Baughmann

The Mystery Writer, donated by: Reedannland

The New York Ritz, donated by: Roxanne Feldkamp

The Odds Player, donated by: John Hogsett

The Sky King, donated by: Wendy Lewis

Time Out For Lovin', donated by: Vonal Curran/Deana Johnson

Top Spool, donated by: Mary Gaylord McClean

Trust Fund, donated by: Romy Ackerberg

Two For The Show, donated by: Dr. Tom Dunaway

Uhlen, donated by: Branch Larry and Karen Carver

Ultimatum, donated by: Dale and Amy Hanson/Alliance Stud

Uncle Jimmy McDonald, donated by: Copper Coin Farm

Undulata's Nutcracker, donated by: Edward Bennett/Willowbank Farm

Unlisted, donated by: Burden-Schilling

Waverly Hall, donated by: Steven Davidson

Wayne L, donated by: Wayne Riley

Wild Eyed Warrior, donated by: A.E. Nelson/Copper Coin Farm

Worthy's One and Only, donated by: Ellen Lamont

Worthy's Prodigy, donated by: Randy Tabor

Zovoorbij Commander In Chief, donated by: Dr. Sam Webster/Bib Jones

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