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All American Cup To Be Held In Indiana

In another effort to enhance the breeding and raising of more American Saddlebred show horses, a big limited breeders competition has been established in Indiana. The All American Cup, which will consist of both weaning and yearling competition, will be held at the All American Classic Horse Show in Indianapolis, Ind. on Wednesday following Labor Day-starting in 2004.

The most advantageous way to acquire a breeding service to the stallion of your choice is to purchase this service at the All American Cup Stallion Service Auction. When purchasing the stud service of your choice at the auction you have also paid your entry fee into what is potentially one of the largest paying competitions ever offered to breeders in the American Saddlebred industry.

The All American Cup Auction will be held at the famous Claudia Sanders Restaurant in Simpsonville, Ky. on Saturday, January 25, 2003 at 4 p.m.--reservations are required and should be made with Jim Aikman, 8949 Baker Road, Indianaipolis, IN. 46259, (317) 862-4341.

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