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The All American Cup Auction Has Started – Send Your Bid Now!


The All American Cup Stallion Service Auction is being held on Saturday, January 20. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. at Claudia Sanders Restaurant, Shelbyville, Ky. Reservations are required for the auction dinner. For those who cannot attend in person, bids will be accepted via telephone, mail, and e-mail.





Make copies of this page and send a separate form for each stallion on which you desire to BID. Contact Jim Aikman for “Terms and Conditions” on the stallions you are selecting.


Submit a bid (minimum of $600) on any stallion recorded in the AMERICAN SADDLEBRED REGISTRY. If the stallion of your choice is not currently on the list of All American Cup stallions, we will contact the stallion owner, add the stallion to our list of stallions, and advise you.


I wish to submit a bid on the following ALL AMERICAN CUP nominated Stallion Service. I guarantee to honor my Bid and make full payment by February 5, 2007 if I am the successful bidder.

                      BID AMOUNT                     INITIALS


____________________                _____________                  _________

I would like to have the opportunity to extend my Bid on the above nominated

Stallion.  Please have THE ALL AMERICAN CUP phone staff call me when the above mentioned Stallion Service comes up for Auction.  I will be at the phone number listed below starting at 6:00 P.M. on January 20, 2007








If you purchase a Stallion Service in the ALL AMERICAN CUP AUCTION, you are also required to pay an additional $50 to nominate the Stallion to the Open Division of the Indiana Futurity.  After these payments have been made, you have PAID your entry into THE ALL AMERICAN CUP.  Only the produce from services purchased in the Auction can compete for THE ALL AMERICAN WEANLING AND 3 YEAR OLD THREE-GAITED CUP.



The All American Cup

c/o Jim Aikman

8949 Baker Road

Indianapolis, In. 46259

Fax/Phone: (317) 862-4341

E-mail bid to


For list of 180 stallions go to Web site


The All American Cup is not responsible for "dropped" cell calls. It is important that you attend the auction in person.

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