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AHHS Youth Medallion National Championships

The Hackney ponies and their young exhibitors were showcased in their AHHS Youth Medallion National Championships and competition across the board was first rate. With prestigious national titles on the line, junior exhibitors and their trainers work hard all year to prepare for the Kansas City showdown and their hard work paid off.

The road ponies were split by age group and seven entries came through the gate in the 14-17 AHHS Roadster Pony Youth Medallion National Championship. Drivers worked hard to show their ponies to their best but none could top Heartland Sundust and Devon Garone. Garone and her pony have been nearly unstoppable in their career together and their victory was a unanimous decision by the panel of Paul Boone, Skip Shenker, and Lee Hudson.

Dakota Willimon drove Dun Haven Grandiose to the unanimous reserve with a strong effort and Cabana Boy was the unanimous third place winner with Amy Glenn and would go on to win the junior exhibitor class. Tiffany Trueman and Just Watch claimed the fourth place tie and Zildjian and Jeff Vaughn, Aisle Party and Crystal Harmon and Space Jam with Colby Herron claimed the remaining ribbons.

The 13 and under drivers faced a smaller field of four and left plenty of room to show off for the judges. This class also had the judges completely united and every tie was unanimous all the way down the card. Hazard County and Glenn T. Werry put together a powerful team effort and scored a three-peat with the national championship going back home to Illinois for the third year in a row. Kendyl Tracy and Just Cause claimed the reserve title and were followed in the ribbons by Santiago with Ashley Johnson and Vindicated with Barrett Clifton.

The under saddle classes are always a crowd favorite and the AHHS roadster pony under saddle class was a big national championship battle. Olivia Weber and Heartland Royalty have been at the top of the cards many times throughout the season and they put together a polished performance to top nine other teams for the title. Crystal Harmon had a busy weekend competing with the Harmon family ponies and she was back in the big class with Cherry's Dreamtime to score a first place vote and the reserve national championship. Cindy Cram and Chester's Chestnut also claimed a number one on their way to the yellow ribbon for Oakwoods Farm. Tyler Volz and Texas Tommy followed in fourth with the final first place vote. Heartland Master Piece and Renee Zubrod, Just Cause and Kendyl Tracy, Jerry Maguire and Andrew Loving and Brass Banner with Tiffany Trueman completed the ribbon count.

The pleasure driving pony division across the board has been incredibly deep all year and the AHHS Pleasure Driving Pony Youth Medallion National Championship with 11 entries was the biggest medallion class of the weekend. Top ponies from all over the country came through the gate for yet another world-class match up and season finale. It all belonged to Crystal Harmon and Heartland Supremacy in the end as the panel awarded Harmon the unanimous decision and coveted title. The Harmon ponies have been under the direction of trainer Roy Harris for only a short time this season but it seemed to be plenty of time to have Heartland Supremacy ready for the showdown.

Sarah Asch and Harry Potter have represented the state of California well in their career together with numerous top ribbons and they were able to put together the unanimous reserve effort. King Creole and Scooter Scheurich, last year's reserve national champions and current world's grand champions had to settle for the unanimous third place tie in the deep water. Heartland Rare Treat and Lindsay Kesterson claimed the fourth place ribbon and were followed in the ribbons by Wait and See's River City and Abbey Gessmann, Lightning Up and Meredithe Steinhauer, Governor Casey and TJ Bartlett, and Secret Society with David Dhaenens. The Hackney/Harness youth medallion had only two entries and Crystal Harmon received her second national championship title. She drove So Lovely CH to the unanimous win and was followed by Tabitha Ireland and Cadetson's Direct Choice.

The pleasure pony under saddle youth medallion featured a nice group of ponies and their young riders competing for the final AHHS national championship. Heartland Supremacy claimed all three top votes to give Crystal Harmon yet another national title. Cindy Cram and Desert Light displayed their teamwork for the reserve national championship. Aliyah Asch joined her sister Sarah in the American Royal ribbon count when she rode Great Day to the top three finish. Wait and See's River City was fourth and Governor Casey claimed the fifth and final ribbon with Katie Bartlett.

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