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AHHS Junior Exhibitor Award: Hannah Hicks

Hannah began her journey with the Hackney breed two years ago after seeing how much her mother and sister loved the breed. It did not take long for her to fall in love with this wonderful breed. 

After her first year showing Hannah decided she wanted to do more to help promote the breed, so using her graphic arts skills learned at school, she created the campaign “Ask Me About the Hackney.” 

Hannah sets up a Hackney booth at horse shows complete with video, a banner, and a list of trainers, breeders and owners in her home state of Michigan; hoping to draw people to the Hackney breed and giving them a direction to go in if they want to get involved with the Hackneys. 

She also was very instrumental in encouraging the addition of the AHHS Youth Medallion Showmanship class to the Michigan horse show circuit. At the ASHAM show in the fall, a junior exhibitor wanted to show in the class but did not have a pony. Hannah selflessly offered her pony to the exhibitor to use and showed a different pony, one Hannah had never exhibited before, so that the other junior exhibitor could compete. 

Hannah has also taught other junior exhibitors who have never worked with Hackney ponies before how to complete the youth medallion showmanship pattern. Hannah works hard to encourage others to fall in love with the Hackney like she has and is our AHHS Junior Exhibitor of the Year. 


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