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AHHS Foundation “Promotion Think Tank”

The combined forces of the American Hackney Horses Society, American Hackney Horse Foundation and interested Hackney enthusiasts attacked the issue of “Promoting the Hackney Pony and Horse” on Saturday, April 15. The day-long session was held in
Louisville, Ky., and included representatives from Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina and Georgia. This group of participants included experiences with other equine breeds which provided input that had been utilized by other organizations.

The session was started by each participant stating what they wanted to accomplish during the session. Then the group listed approximately fifty ideas that might be beneficial in promoting the Hackney breed. The group voted on the ideas, and then individual attention was given to the top items.


Some of the ideas that drew a high degree of attention included:


  • promoting classes at other breed shows
  • regionalizing the Adult Driving Challenge program
  • developing academy driving programs
  • developing AHHS judges certification for non-recognized shows
  • country pleasure Hackney criteria
  • AHHS web site advertising opportunities

Champions were decided for each initiative, with additional individuals offering to assist.


The group committed to meeting again in the fall and at the AHHS convention. All Hackney enthusiasts are invited to participate in future sessions.

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