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2006 AHHS Convention Report


submitted by Lambert Jr. Schut, President, AHHS 


The 2006 American Hackney Horse Society Convention was held in St. Louis, Missouri in conjunction with the UPHA Convention on January 5-7.  The facility was excellent, the food delicious and the weather was comfortable.  All of this set the mood for a very enjoyable time for all who were able to attend.


The USEF Hackney Rules Forum, chaired by Jimmy Robertson, met Thursday at 1:00 p.m. The well-attended meeting was monitored by Carrie Mortensen of USEF. The roadster pony measurement rule was discussed and supported by the straw poll taken. There have been a few minor changes but the end result makes it more exhibitor friendly.  There was discussion in regards to the height of the roadster ponies under saddle and roaster to wagon ponies.  Everyone felt more time is needed to look at this before any recommendations come from the committee.  Anyone with input concerning this matter should contact any committee member.


The Thursday evening gala was set for approximately 100 attendees.  The hour prior to the meal allowed everyone to visit and check out the live and silent auction items. Al Montgomery of Missouri auctioned two Kennedy harnesses and a mink stole and jacket donated by Winding Creek Farm which benefited the AHHS Foundation. Items auctioned for the benefit of the AHHS were a lady’s antique driving whip donated by Misdee Wrigley, artist rendering by Alexia King, Hackney tailset donated by World Champion Horse Show Equipment, George Ford Morris framed print of Invasion and Seaton Sappho with a historical write-up donated by Mae Condon, custom silks to be made by Diana Buerkley, a beautiful Freedman leather brief case, certificate from Jerald Sulky Co., show package from the Shelbyville Horse Show Society and  “Spend a day with a Trainer” donated by John Conatser and Rodney Hicks. The Freedman leather brief case, with added cash from the audience inside, made for an interesting auction item. Sandra Surber had the winning bid for this donation. The evening concluded with the presentation of awards.


The American Hackney Horse Society Board of Directors met on Friday afternoon.  Newly elected to the Board of Directors were Chuck Fitzpatrick, Judy Lowry, Steve Golden and Kathy Barlow, and re-elected was Lambert Jr. Schut.  


Saturday morning at the convention gave regional associations the opportunity to share ideas and methods to promote Hackneys in their region.  This was followed by the General Membership Meeting.


Thanks to the AHHS Foundation for their support and work to develop the new joint web site.  Just prior to the convention the new AHHS web site was launched, and a presentation was made at the General Membership Meeting. Many positive comments on this endeavor have been received. The web-site address is


Following the General Membership meeting, the AHHS Board of Directors re-elected the following officers: Lambert Jr. Schut, President; David Estis, Vice President; Dr. Bing Crosby, Treasurer; and Cleo Lowe, Secretary.


After the noon luncheon, retiring directors, Dr. T.J. Blevins, Dr. Jane Keil, Ed Murray and Roger Sims were recognized and thanked for their terms of service.


The afternoon continued with the Limited Breeders's Weanling Stake Stallion Auction. Auctioneer Walt Robertson, with help from bid spotters, Chris Gantley, Rodney Hicks, Steve Golden and Junior Schut, worked the audience for bids which totaled over $36,000.00. The 2007 weanling class will be showing for a purse of approximately $25,000.00 and the first three-year-old class for the LBS, to be held in 2010, will be showing for at least $12,000.00 plus sustaining fees.  This is a significant purse for the first year’s offering.  Buy-backs will be added to this purse making it even larger. Topping all stallions offered was The Extremist selling for $6,200.00, purchased by Ann Hailey with Rodney Hicks, agent, and Heartland Victory selling for $5,000.00, purchased by Edward Frickey.  Heartland Victory was the featured stallion for the Three-Year-Old class purse. Click here to see full results from the stallion auction.


To conclude the afternoon activities a reverse raffle was held. The final 25 raffle tickets, of the 100 sold, were drawn. The final ticket belonged to Larry Ella giving him the option of a Freedman Harness of choice or a Victory Pass Saddle.


The AHHS and board of directors wish to thank Judy Lowry, Maureen Lydon, Frances Bjaolbok, Cleo Lowe and all who contributed in any way to make this convention a very special event.

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