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AHHS Announces Annual Stallion Auction


The American Hackney Horse Society announces its 10th annual Stallion Season Auction. It will be held at 12:00 noon on Saturday, January 7, 2006 at the Sheraton St. Louis Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri. Foals resulting from the purchased stallion seasons will be eligible for the AHHS Limited Breeders Weanling Stakes held annually at the All American Horse Classic in Indianapolis, IN. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Chris Gantley (Limited Breeders Committee Chairman) at (859) 221-7079.


The headliner for the auction is a stallion service to Heartland Victory valued at $5,000 donated by Darrel and Sandra Kolkman. The proceeds from this service will benefit the 2010 Three-Year-Old Performance Class.


A Reverse Raffle Draw will be held Saturday during the Stallion Service Auction.  The final ticket holder will receive a choice of: Freedman Pony Harness, Grand National Horse Harness, or a Freedman Saddle.


Stallion services offered in the auction are as follows:

Stallion                                     Fee            Donor   

AG Center Piece                      $  500        Gregory M. Gilmore    

Arthur B                                   $1,500       Stephen/Wm Kildow      

Awesome Attraction                 $1,000       Charles/Barb Fitzpatrick      

B.R.S. Whipper Snapper          $  500        Robert Hiser                

Canadance                               $  500        R. Williams/Sandra Singleton.

Craycroft’s Matador                 $  500        Mark Hyatt, MD                    

Craycroft’s Uysses                   $  500        Larry Meyer/Wm. Williams           

Craycroft’s Victorious              $  500        Mark Hyatt, MD
DH Center Of Attention            $2,000      Leonard/Sarah Jane Servinsky

Duke’s Destiny                         $  750       Patrick G. Kennedy     

Dun-Haven Dapper Dann         $1,200      Lambert  Jr./Betty Schut      

Dun-Haven Regal Attraction     $1,000      Dan/Leah Rae Light        

Fitz’s Heart Throb                    $1,000      Charles/Barb Fitzpatrick      

Fox Hill Midnight                      $  500       Kristen Gallagher                     

Gilcrest’s Grand Master            $  500       Gregory M. Gilmore    

GTF Hallmark (H)                    $1,500      John Beilfuss                

Halstead’s Goldfinder (H)         $  500       Luc Boileau                 

HCH Energizer                         $  500       Paul R. Miner, Sr.                    

Heartland Skyline                     $  600        Jerald Elmer                

**Heartland Victory                 $5,000      Darrel/Sandra Kolkman    

It’s Showtime                           $  500       Dr. Bing Crosby                  

Jalapeno Pepper                       $1,000      Matthew T. Taylor, DVM        

K&J’s Apollo’s First Class       $  500       Ken/Jane Peterman  

Kenhurst Kalahari                     $2,000      Patrick/Judith A. Kennedy         

Kenhurst Kilimanjaro                $2,000      Patrick/Judith A. Kennedy         

King’s Brass                             $  500       Dwayne Yozamp                     

Knight Watch                           $  500        R.J. Mitchell, Jr.                      

Late-Nite’s Blank Check          $1,500       Roger A./Beth Lucas           

LLF Top Of The Mark             $1,500       Steve MacFarlane                   

Main Impression                       $  750        Renan/Charlotte Carter     

Mark’s Snuffy                           $  500       Kristen Gallagher                     

Mastercraft                               $  500       Dan/Leah Rae Light        

Mr. Hawkeye                           $1,500      Rudy/Sharon Lewis           

Nookwood Paradigm               $  600        Brett A. Hoerr, DVM  

Perfect Syncopation                  $  500        Brett A. Hoerr, DVM  

Poppin’s Mark                         $  500        Eugene Kennedy                     

Priority Commander                 $  600        Jerald Elmer                

Romeo LF                               $1,000       Dan/Leah Rae Light        

Saturday Night Special             $  500        Robert Hiser                

Serve Notice                            $  500        Dan/Leah Rae Light        

Seventh Heaven                        $1,000       John/Karen Brunton          

The Chosen One                      $2,500        Vern/Lynne Houston          

The Extremist                           $5,000        Jim Spurrier                 

Truly Yours                              $1,000        Alan R. Raun, DVM    

Twentieth Century                    $2,500        Mary Gaylord McClean           

Twin Willow’s McMillan           $3,000       Edward/Jean Wilson     

Unique’s Creation                     $  750        Rick/Michelle Meed

VLW Brass Diamond D           $  500         David W. Estis

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