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Adjustments Needed for Grand National Seat Covers

All new state-of-the-art seating has been installed in the coliseum for this year’s Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show. The new comfortable design features soft padded leather cushions and convenient cup holders. The new seats are only part of the many great improvements being made at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.

Please note: With the modification to the existing seating in the coliseum, all existing slip covers will no longer fit without a slight modification. A simple opening on each side measuring 4.5" to 5" will do the trick. Example photos can be found at

For seat covers with a side panel, the panel can be cut out and hemmed. If your seat cover is simply hemmed on either side, that seam can be cut and sealed so it does not unravel.

For your convenience, RaDon, Incorporated will perform the necessary modification at a nominal cost. Please call RaDon, Inc. at 952-758-5155 to make arrangements to return your slip covers to them for the required modification. RaDon would like to perform the work in the first half of September. RaDon can make the modification regardless of the manufacturer of your existing slip covers. Cost per cover is $24.00. RaDon can be found on the web at

Also, Corcel will be happy to alter your seat covers regardless of manufacturer. If you send the covers to Corcel, they will do the repairs and ship them back prior to the show. The cost is $19.00 if they are shipped to you prior to the show. Delivered to the show, the cost is $15. Call Corcel at 952-303-4072 to make arrangements. Corcel can be found on the web at

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