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Added Prize Money in the JD Massey Classic Jackpot Stakes

The JD Massey Classic Board of Directors is pleased to announce added money and prizes in the Three-Gaited and Five-Gaited Jackpot Stakes. This year’s event will feature the “Jackpot” format for the first time, with qualification not required to show in these two signature Stake classes.

In the Three-Gaited Jackpot Stake, Donna and Jack Finch have graciously donated the $250 in added prize money for the winner as well as a Steed whip and case. They have done so in honor of their grand mare, WGC CH Our Charming Lady, whose first show under the ownership of Donna and Jack Finch was at the JD Massey Classic in 2007. The mare and Mary Marcum Orr won the Three-Gaited Championship at that show and went on to accumulate eight World’s Championship wins, including two Three-Gaited World’s Grand Championships.

Also of note is an additional prize to be awarded in the JD Massey Cup! Not only is there $1,000 in prize money up for grabs in this participation-based, fun competition, there is now a 28-day supply of Gastrogard, valued at almost $1,000! Come have fun at the JD Massey Classic, April 16-19, in Clemson, SC. For more information, visit

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