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Accident At JD Massey - Update

On Saturday evening at the JD Massey Classic Horse Show, an unfortunate accident occurred during the Amateur Roadster To Bike Championship when James Rosburg’s bike tipped during the last gait of the class, and his horse, The Dream Thief, got loose. The horse hit Quite Irresistible and Doris Crumpler, throwing her out of the bike with two horses then loose in the arena. Horse show officials, trainers and caretakers immediately set out to catch the horses but not before they collided.

The horse show vet, Dr. Ginger Reagan, was on site and to the ring quickly to tend to the horses’ injuries and the EMTs to tend to the exhibitors. Both horses were hauled out of the arena in trailers, thanks to the quick thinking of Jon Walker and Pat Borders who had two horse trailers hooked for the trip home. Both horses were transported to University Of Georgia in Athens. Dr. Reagan traveled inside the trailer doing everything possible to care for The Dream Thief, but the trauma was so severe the decision was made to humanely euthanize the horse. 

While at the University Of Georgia, Quite Irresistible underwent treatments for her injuries.  After several days of great care from the staff at Athens, and much deliberation, the decision was made that this wonderful mare would not be able to recover from her injuries. On Wednesday she was humanely euthanized.  

James Rosburg, while shaken up, was not physically injured. Doris Crumpler received a laceration to her arm and her body is bruised.  She has seen her doctor, and while she is sore, has no hidden injuries.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the exhibitors, owners, trainers and everyone that loved these two great horses.  

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