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Accepting nominations for the 2023 AHHS Annual Awards

The deadline to submit your nominations for the 2023 AHHS Annual Awards is Friday, October 20, 2023. These prestigious awards are given out at the Annual UPHA Convention being held in Lexington, KY, January 24-27, 2024.

Please submit nominations to the Awards Committee on or before October 20, 2023 by email at Or, by mail to Stacey Wright PO Box 7145 Roanoke, VA 24019

Please remember to include the name of the award, the name of the individual, and an explanation of why you think this individual should receive the award. Awards categories and descriptions are below. A listing of past award winners can be found here.

Gwen Stableford Lifetime Achievement Award
Honors a person for his or her lifelong contributions to the Hackney industry, dedication to the improvement of the breed, demonstration of their love for the Hackney in or out of the show ring, and support of American Hackney Horse Society.
Anna Lee Spires Judd Amateur Exhibitor Award
Awarded to an exhibitor of Hackneys whose performances in the show ring set standards of competition, sportsmanship, and appeal to the general viewing public.
John H. & Maybelle L. Costello National Breeder Award
Awarded to a breeder of Hackneys who has created an impact on the breed as a whole by adding valuable characteristics and improving the Hackney through its development. This honoree will have raised notable individuals whose progeny have gone on to great success both in the show ring and breeding world.
Junior Exhibitor Award
Awarded to a junior exhibitor who through his/her efforts has encouraged other youths to participate in the Hackney breed. This individual must exhibit outstanding sportsmanship, suitability to the division in which they participate, presentation of the entries shown, and work to enhance the promotion of the breed through their representation.
Lydia Luhman Pederson National Distinguished Service Award
Awarded to a member of the American Hackney Horse Society who without compensation contributed his/her energies into the improvement of the AHHS, its activities, and membership.
Spirit Of The Youth Medallion National Award
Awarded to a youth who has demonstrated an exceptional desire to participate with a Hackney. Nominees should be participants in the Youth Medallion Program in the current year. The first award was given in 2002.
Bill G. Robinson National Trainer Award
Awarded to a trainer or training team who personify the training and exhibiting of Hackneys for the year. The memorial award was first given in the year 2001.
Elsa Mikkelsen Distinguished Service Award
Awarded to a member of the American Hackney Horse Society who has contributed his/her energies to the promotion of the Hackney Horse or Pony.

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