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A Letter To UPHA Membership

Dear Members of UPHA,

I hope this email finds you healthy and safe. These are frightening times for all. Our membership is unique: We are not just working to keep our families and staff safe; we are also tasked with providing the highest level of care for our horses and ponies.

COVID-19 has forced all of us to alter the way we run our businesses and conduct our daily routines. UPHA recognizes the difficulties we all face in the days, weeks and months ahead and has developed a plan of action to provide help.

UPHA has been working with our partners AHHS, AMHA, ARHPA, ASHA and ASR through the Joint Leadership Council. Information is jointly shared so the greatest number of our members can be served. The websites of UPHA, JLCcares, AHHS, AMHA, ARHPA, ASHA and ASR will have helpful information and provide an up-to-date resource for all our members.

A national fundraising program has been developed to provide financial help to all members of our trotting breed community. The Joint Leadership Council Horsemen’s Relief Fund was established to provide financial help to our members that are not otherwise eligible to apply for assistance through the Dewey Henderson Benevolent Fund. The application for the JLCHRF can be found on all our member websites. Applications will be reviewed by a panel comprised of representatives of each of the JLC member associations. Strict criteria will be used to determine the eligibility of each applicant.

UPHA members that meet eligibility requirements will have their application directed to the Dewey Henderson Benevolent Fund. The DHBF has a long-standing adherence to IRS guidelines and a long history of helping horsemen/women in need. Here, too, strict criteria exist in determining eligibility, application review, and disbursement of funds. With respect to both the JLCHRF and DHBF processes, applications are held in the strictest confidence and all guidelines are followed without alteration or exception.

Together we will navigate these difficult times. We will be ready when the in-gate opens again.

Cindy Mugnier

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