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Letter to the Editor


What a TREAT of the extra publication honoring Lexington Jr. League for ‘80 years of Unequaled Tradition’. Thank you and your staff for this ‘keeper’. I have already read it three times and will do so again then put it in my ‘archives’ to read when I get really old!

I remember years ago watching classes on stake night standing in back of the box seats and having sore toes from standing on that slanted area when the toes were jammed into the toes of my shoes for several hours! Didn’t have enough $$$ for box seats and the grandstand seating was way too far away from the horses. Then the long drive back to Indpls. – usually by myself.

I know there are lots of mixed feelings about moving the show and it will not be possible to have the ambience of the Red Mile locale at the horse park facility but, perhaps, with such a deluge of rain for so many of the performances this year at the Red Mile the trainers, exhibitors might find the move a bit more acceptable.
Thank you and your staff for this special edition of SHR.

Phyllis Harris


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