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Jubilee Regional Morgan Horse Show Takes Hiatus for 2018

Due to continued uncertainty at the Illinois State Fairgrounds, the committee for the Jubilee Regional Morgan Horse Show has voted to take a one-year hiatus from hosting the show traditionally held at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield at the end of August. 

“One of our goals each year is holding a show that our exhibitors enjoy and look forward to attending. With the closing of the Coliseum, we have lost enthusiasm from exhibitors and trainers and have incurred substantial costs moving to the temporary ring, committee member Shanna Gish explained. “We understand that there are no short-term plans to get back into the coliseum and facility pricing so uncertain, we voted to take the time to put on a new and better show in 2019. After 52 years of showing in Springfield at the fairgrounds, it was a tough decision for the committee to take a year off to regroup but one we feel is the best for the show and our exhibitors.” Gish concluded. 

The Morgan Weanling Gala, however, will go on as planned. With the professional cooperation of the Buckeye Morgan Challenge, we are thrilled that they will host the Gala this year. The weanlings will have a great place to showcase their beauty and breeding Friday evening, August 10th at The Buckeye in Springfield, Ohio.

Planning is already underway for the 2019 Jubilee Regional Morgan Horse Show. The goal is for the show to be back refreshed, stronger and better for everyone that has supported the show for so many years.  

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