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Jubilee Morgan Regional To Return To Springfield, Illinois In 2020

Jubilee Morgan Regional representatives have announced that the show will move back to the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, Illinois. The dates have been held for September 2-5, 2020. 

Show manager Sandy Sessink announced, “The Jubilee Regional Horse Show is one of the most beloved Morgan horse shows in the country and one of the most enjoyed elements of the show over the years has been the beautiful facility in Springfield, IL. Our successful comeback at the Michiana Event Center, after a year off, allowed us to get back on our feet financially. We're grateful to have had such a workable alternative, even if it was temporary. 

“After crunching all the numbers and talking to the powers-that-be in Springfield, we feel good about this decision to go back to Springfield,” Sessink continued. “That being said, the show has to be successful in 2020 if this is going to be a long-term comeback. So, I would encourage everyone to bring as many horses as they can and sponsor as generously as possible. We're already making big plans for the best homecoming ever!”

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