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  • The end of an era: Marion "Bit" Hutcheson

    The end of an era is usually filled with a mix of sadness and great memories and that’s exactly what the November 2019 passing of Marion “Bit” Hutcheson is, the end of an era for the iconic Happy ValleyFarm. Bit would have been 64 this coming July... Read More
  • The One and Only: Jack Schatzberg

    “Brutally honest. He was brutally honest,” said Howie Schatzberg of his dad.“You didn’t ever ask him a question unless you really wanted to know the truth as he saw it. A lot of trainers would ask him about their horses or a horse they were interested in because they knew he would be honest with them.” Read More
  • Darrel Kolkman: Leaving a Lasting Imprint on the Hackney

    Heartland Hackney was like an amusement park for Hackney Pony enthusiasts,”said Chris Gantley who spent six years with the Kolkman family as its trainer. “Darrel was dedicated to his faith, his family, and his breeding operation..." Read More
  • Doc Raun: A Slice of Americana and The Show Horse Industry

    Read More
  • We'll Never Forget – Mike Roberts

    Read More
  • Casey Surface and Carousel Farm

    Bluefield, West Virginia, a small town nestled in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, is home to Carousel Farm. A training facility for American Saddlebreds and Hackney ponies, Sherri Surface and her son Casey Surface offer everything from riding lessons for the beginner, to show experiences for the accomplished... Read More
  • Integrity, Hard Work & Patience: Key ingredients for Bruwer’s success

    Most horse enthusiasts will agree, the mere thought of any Saddlebred trainer making it in Kentucky, regardless of how big his dream may be, is a long shot scenario marked by challenges and stiff competition in more ways than one. Add to that scenario the young and aspiring “dreamer” is literally from another country and starting out from total scratch, the odds become even slimmer... Read More
  • Suit Up: Hallie Blaine

    Celebrating the Journey from Academy to a Suit with Hallie Blaine! Read More
  • A tale of two horse lovers: Meet Autumn Hills

    A love story that begins with two young souls, from many miles apart, developed and deepened when fate brought Tiffany and Steve Wheeler together by way of the Bluegrass State — thanks to a shared desire to pursue their passions centered around the American Saddlebred.   Read More
  • Reminiscing with Martin Cockriel

    The view from Martin Cockriel’s front porch and from the barn as well is absolutely spectacular. You can see the snowcapped Rocky Mountains all the way from Longs Peak in Estes Park to Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. A person could sit there for hours and just enjoy looking at those mountains. But not if you are Martin Cockriel. He’s much too busy... Read More