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Board Unanimously Approves AMHA Relocation Proposal

At the Third Quarter Board meeting held Saturday, September 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the American Morgan Horse Association’s Board of Directors unanimously approved the recommendation to relocate the AMHA home office. The office will be relocated to the grounds of the Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, and the main transition will take place during the holiday period that occurs between Christmas and the New Year. However, it is expected that while the new office location will open January 2, 2020, the current office will remain open through January 31, 2020.

The extensive and thorough presentation made by the ad-hoc “Lease Review Committee,” can be found on the AMHA website here. In addition, you can view the Kentucky Horse Park video here.

In the coming weeks, AMHA’s administration will be meeting individually with the current AMHA staff members to review possible transition opportunities as well as researching and obtaining proposals regarding all logistics of such a relocation.

In continuing with the Board’s mission to maintain transparency with the membership in all endeavors, updates and additional supporting documents will be provided as available. The Board will continue to keep the membership advised of the progress of this transition.

The AMHA leadership is truly appreciative of all the formal input received prior to the acceptance of this proposal and wishes to thank each member who took the time to formally submit their thoughts of both support and concern. This milestone decision was made with the single, united purpose of upholding the AMHA’s mission of preserving, promoting and perpetuating the American Morgan Horse for generations to come. AMHA also acknowledges and will continue working hard to ensure that the history and legacy of the Morgan’s New England heritage is not lost, but rather celebrated by all.

As always, comments can be directed to the AMHA Office, AMHA President or any AMHA Director by e-mailing them at the addresses below.

AMHA Office:
AMHA President: Mari Sanderson
AMHA Vice President: Harlan Grunden
AMHA Vice President of Finance: Kate Kirsch
Eastern Director: C.A. Lee, III
Eastern Director: Steven Handy
Central Director: Kris Breyer
Central Director: Vicki Bennett
Western Director: Carol Fletcher
Western Director and Lease Review Committee Chair: Terri Sturm

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