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ASHA Star Show Important Updates & Reminders

The 2020 show season will be in full swing before we know it! We are excited to report that the ASHA Star Show Program and Grant Program are in up and running and have horse show leadership excited! Show management spoke, ASHA listened. Through the work of the Horse Show Task Force, ASHA now offers two new programs for 2020 -- the ASHA Star Show Program and the ASHA Horse Show Grant Program. Both were created with input from our members and horse show organizers to strengthen the network of American Saddlebred horse shows.

 The last few weeks have brought in many applications for both new programs, and last week the details were sent to every show contact from all 2019 ASHA recorded show to be sure all are aware of these latest programs. If you are a horse show manager or secretary and did not receive the information last week, it is available below.

ASHA Star Shows, based on the American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) Star Shows and the Arabian Horse Association Value and One-Day shows, boosts financial, marketing and general support to our open shows. Other benefits of becoming an ASHA Star Show include qualifying for both the World’s Championship Horse Show and ASHA high point awards, along with being eligible to accumulate CH points. These benefits are only available to shows that complete the ASHA Horse Show Application (formerly the Competition Recording Form).

When a show completes the ASHA Horse Show Application, it automatically becomes an ASHA Star Show if it is not already a USEF or USEF Lite licensed competition. As in the past, and regardless of any other affiliations, shows that do not complete the ASHA Horse Show Application will not count toward Louisville eligibility.

The ASHA Horse Show Grant program, based on the AMHA Horse Show Grants, offers up to $1,000  to shows in need of financial support. One-hundred percent of the $50 Horse Show Application Fee goes into the grant program. Grant applications for 2020 shows will be accepted through March 31. The first grant was awarded to the Silicon Valley Horse Show in California.

ASHA is committed to help American Saddlebred shows succeed and grow, and thank you for your support. We have included the ASHA Horse Show Application and ASHA Horse Show Grant Application forms with this letter.  For more information or if you have questions please contact Patricia Edwards at (859) 259-3899, or at

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