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ASHA Spirit of the Medallion: Olivia Turner

Today’s recipient has been passionate for, and dedicated to, Hackney Ponies all her life. While her love for ponies is immense, it’s her love for those around her; friends and barn mates alike, that truly sets her apart. And if you were to ask her she would tell you that they are all part of her extended family and that she would give anything to ensure the best for each of them.

Olivia Turner is a leader to her peers and through her actions and love of the Hackney breed has brought many new young people into the Hackney community. 

She is also one who recognizes that the success of the industry is much greater than the success of the individual and is regularly the first one to help a fellow competitor in the show ring. Now that shouldn’t lead you to believe she hasn’t been incredibly successful herself.

And yet, even with all her accolades in the show ring and the recognition throughout the industry, Olivia’s grace and compassion have remained firmly intact. To this day she has remained as graceful in victory as she is in defeat, always being the first one at the out-gate to congratulate her friends and competitors.
The AHHS has decided there is no better recipient for the AHHS Spirit Of The Medallion Award than Olivia Turner.


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