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ASHA Welcomes Two New Board Members

The American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) welcomes Clif Paulsen and Kristen Bagdasarian to the Board of Directors. Bagdasarian and Paulsen were elected unanimously by the board to fill the two open seats that were vacated by the reassignment of ASHA President David Mount, and the resignation of Donna Pettry Smith. The newly appointed members of the ASHA board will serve out the remaining terms of the two vacated representatives. Paulsen's and Bagdasarian's addition to the board will bring extensive and diverse experience with the American Saddlebred to help serve the mission of the ASHA: to protect and promote the interests of the breed we love.

Clif Paulsen

Paulsen has been riding and showing American Saddlebreds for more than 35 years. He currently serves as the Chair of the Iowa Limited Breeders Stake, the Vice President of the Iowa Futurity, and is a member of the Iowa Fall Classic Horse Show Committee. Paulsen is owner of Cedar Valley Veterinary Center and earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University. Dr. Paulsen is wholly committed to the advancement of the breed and believes that ASHA is the public voice and promoter of the breed, but he also believes that the primary role of the ASHA is to assist its members so that they may promote the breeding and exposition of American Saddlebreds. Paulsen is a valuable member of any leadership team, and is passionate about the American Saddlebred.

Kristen Bagdasarian

Bagdasarian has been riding, showing and raising American Saddlebreds for more than 37 years. A native of Madison, CT, she grew up with a public training farm right in her backyard. After several years of showing on the Northeast circuit, the Bagdasarian family expanded their industry involvement becoming heavily active in the Southeastern circuit for many years. Bagdasarian’s passion for the breed led her to open her training operation in the early 2000s. Her fulfilled dream, Diamond View Farm, has evolved into a top breeding and foaling operation that has helped bring many new breeders into the industry. Bagdasarian believes the ASHA’s purpose is to grow, promote and advance our amazing breed. Bagdasarian has an incredibly diverse background with the breed to relate and advocate for members. Bagdasarian is also an active member of the UPHA and dedicates her life to supporting the American Saddlebred and those that love them. 

More information on how ASHA board members are chosen available here.

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