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$100,000 ASHBA Breeders Challenge Stake Deadlines

The WCHS deadline to enter the 2023 Breeders Challenge Stake class is Wednesday, July 5. Late entries will be accepted July 6 through July 14 with an additional $1,000 per entry. Online entries will be accepted at

The ASHBA Breeders Challenge Stake is a class for four-year-olds and will be judged by Three-Gaited specifications. Entries may have a full or trimmed mane. The class will be stripped and judged for conformation.

This class will be ran the same as the futurity classes already at the show with the qualifier being Tuesday afternoon (if needed) and the Finals on Friday night. 

Payout of $100,000 purse:
1.         $35,000
2.         $20,000
3.         $15,000
4.         $10,000
5.         $8,000
6.         $6,000
7.         $1,500
8.         $1,500
9.         $1,500
10.       $1,500

The only horses eligible for this class are those with a “Voucher” issued by the American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association. See below for details.

1.  Owners of a stallion whose service was donated and purchased for at least $750 at 2022 the Breeders
     Challenge Stallion Service Auction.
2.  Buyers of a stallion service through the 2022 Breeders Challenge Stallion Service Auction.
3.  Owner of a voucher who sells an age-appropriate (four-year-old) horse and allows the voucher to go
     with the horse. The voucher can only be used on that purchased horse for the 2023 Breeders
     Challenge Stake.  The Horse Voucher Assignment Form can be found here.
4.  A transfer of ownership of an age-appropriate (four-year-old) horse into the name or joint ownership of
    a person holding a voucher as mentioned above.

The deadline to submit a transfer of ownership and/or a horse voucher assignment form is Friday, August 11, 2023.  A transfer form, fees and current registration papers or a horse voucher assignment form must be submitted on or before this deadline.  Transfers of ownership received after August 11 and prior to August 21 will be subject to a $100 rush fee.

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